Progs go nuts as Florida House of Representatives passes bill stripping Disney of quasi-government powers and special tax status

Hysteria is the word to describe the screams that rang out in the Florida state House of Representatives as the final vote was taken stripping the Walt Disney Company of the powers granted to Disney's Reedy Creek Development District more than half a century ago.  Under that deal, Disney owned what amounted to a county government with the power to tax, issue tax-exempt bonds, grant building and development permits, and arrange services like police[i] and fire protection.

Listen to the screams:

Jack Hellner noted the irony of progressives doing a 180 on their usual anti-business stance to defend the extraordinary privileges Disney has enjoyed.  But it's not just overt progs and Dems.  A number of purported conservatives of the NeverTrump stripe are against what Charles Cooke of National Review called "salting the earth."

In a Twitter thread, Dana Loesch responded:

On "salting the earth" re Disney and DeSantis? Conservatives aren't waging this war. Disney, not conservatives, chose to themselves "salt the earth," against parents over parental sovereignty. They and their surrogates accused parents of murdering gays, for crying out loud.

Disney waged a heinous, scorched earth campaign against parents and it blew up in their collective face. Do not start lecturing these parents and those who support them about "salting the earth."

The same people that lament pushback today are the same ones who lectured us tea party folk for being too loud, too aggressive, too uncompromising. Without that spirit in the party Republicans would be nothing but a bunch of Mitt Romneys.

Look, grace and justice can coexist. Entities who try to usurp parental authority should receive pushback. Removing exemptions isn't harsh or unfair, to the contrary, it's fair by making Disney abide by the rules all other biz must follow.

Ace expands on this theme

The Conservative Case for The Far Left crowd will have to explain to me why Sacred Honor requires we give special favors to the media left that is literally attempting to make our values and our way of life socially unacceptable and, through corporate thought-policing (backed by making people unemployable) and de-banking, financially untenable.

They preach a stance of tolerance and libertarianism towards our enemies. But they never preach that stance for our enemies towards ourselves — no, they allow our enemies to impose authoritarianism and repression upon us.

And then they tell us that we must also tolerate that.

Weird how this toleration is always one way, from us, to their corporate donors.

As for me, I am enjoying what Conan the Barbarian relished: "And hear the lamentations of their women."

Or, as the Twitter account @virgilcained put it:


[i] For arrests, the Disney-owned security force contracts with county and municipal police forces.

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