Pete Buttigieg smirks to Americans to 'go green' or get used to soaring gas prices

Joe Biden's transportation secretary, Pete Buttigieg, has a smarmy, smiling message for all of us pudknocker Americans who don't quite buy into the "going green" agenda of the Bidenites:

Here's what he actually said:

[S]o, less dependent on foreign oil, and that protects us from shortages at fuel stations, but here's the thing  to remember, even if all of the oil we use in the U.S.A. were made in the U.S.A., the price of it is still subject to powers and dynamics outside of the U.S.A. Which means that until we achieve a form of energy independence that is based on clean energy created here at home, American citizens will still be vulnerable to wild price hikes like we are seeing right now... 

...which is smug, certain, smiling, and...and a very odd message to shill out to the American public as gas prices hit $5.85 a gallon on average in California and $4.26 nationally, and midterms beckon.

It's an astonishingly ignorant and charlatan-like statement.

Buttigieg argues that domestically produced green energy is somehow not subject to global price swings, while only oil and natural gas somehow are. 

How do we unpack this?

To start, he apparently has never heard of all the gas and coal it takes to fire up all those electrical servicing stations, so "bzzzt! — wrong, Pete!"  Electrical charging stations and virtually all green energy "alternatives" are highly dependent on oil and gas prices, as well as other global commodity prices such as lithium, cobalt, and other rare earth minerals well ensconced in the hands of players like China.  What happens, Pete, when the windmills freeze in Texas or the wind stops blowing in California?  Call up your friendly fossil fuels dealers and all their supposed price "swings" for details.

Fact is, electric energy is just as subject to price hikes as any other commodity, because it's a...commodity.  To claim that green energy domestically produced is not subject to such swings is nonsense, given that so much of its sourcing is international.  What Buttigieg is trying to do here is borrow from the argument made by conservatives that stepped up domestic energy production of oil and gas is the same for green energy and, therefore, will lower price swings.  Not when you have to buy your cobalt for batteries from abroad, Pete.  Oil, on the other hand, can be produced here with no foreign dependency at all.  

There's also that "volatility" claim of Pete's.  Given that the global markets for green energy are smaller and less "liquid" than global oil markets, green energy is more, not less, vulnerable to pricing swings, than the much larger oil and natural gas markets, which have a range of alternatives when one part of the supply goes out of commission.  Check out this list of favorite green energy stocks here and note the double-digit annual losses on most of them, the range of which is rarely seen in the oil and gas industry.  Volatile?  That's a delicate understatement.

Another problem with Pete's argument is that green energy somehow is achievable.  John Hinderaker's essay about the scarcity of minerals to fuel all the green energy agenda dreams as well as the absence of space pretty much tells us that's never going to happen and green energy is a total loser of an alternative to fossil fuels.

But it doesn't stop Pete and all his smarmy green energy panaceas, arguing that the distant unicorn of green energy is the only way out of high energy prices, not the drilling for more fuel.  He's telling Americans there is no relief from high oil and natural gas and electricity prices going on right now, so buy a Tesla or suck it up.  No domestic drilling for you.

This is a pretty bad message to ordinary Americans who can't afford to shell out $100,000 for a Tesla to beat the high prices at the pump, all delivered with a smarmy smile.  Is that going to go over well with voters come November?  Well, let's just note that the Republicans, not the Democrats, are passing that video clip around now.

Image: Screen shot from RNC Research on Twitter.

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