Oops! Another 'walls closing in' narrative about Trump hiding phone records with a 7-hour 'gap' falls apart

A couple days ago, the press was wildly celebrating the demise of Donald Trump over Jan. 6 matters.  Reporters breathlessly claimed there was a seven-hour stretch of congressionally subpoenaed phone records that was missing from the White House transcripts on Jan. 6.  It had to have been removed.  There had to be a cover-up!  It's the cover-up that'll getcha.  The walls were once again closing in on Trump.  Gotcha.

They made fools of themselves with tweets like these:

This "influencer" was a little late on the uptake but got rolling with parroting the narrative, too:

This bluecheck got all excited about the imaginary "burner phones":

La Streisand, of course, went to town:

Bob Woodward got all pious and intoning:

...probably with a little nostalgia.  After all, aren't the gaps part of how he took down Richard Nixon in the Watergate scandal as a cub reporter at the Washington Post, and then got a movie of his "heroics" made about it, starring Robert Redford?

Worse than Watergate, they hollered.

Except that...oops, they actually found all of the tapes.  There was no gap.

CNN tried to put a pretty face on it.

CNN tried to pretty it up as an argument that an alternative means of communications was used, but the hard reality is, there were no missing tapes, no gaps, and no cover-up.  None.

Bzzt, foiled again.  The media clowns breathlessly reported that they had "gotten" Trump at long last, but the whole thing collapsed in two days like a bad soufflé.

This is interesting because it's far from the first time this kind of excitement, hype, buildup, and gotcha sentiment has gripped the mainstream media.  They thought they had Trump with the Steele dossier.  They thought they had him with the "whistleblower" and impeachment.  They thought they had him with the Russia Russia Russia collusion narrative.  They thought they had him on the Mueller report.  They thought they had him on taxes.  Every last one of these overhyped cases fell flat, turning out to be the opposite of their stated narrative.  As a result, they got egg all over their faces, failed to wipe it off, and once again got more egg on their faces, with their desperate, credulous, idiotic attempts to claim Trump's hide in some invented scandal that facts always break to bits.

Well, they look like fools again, once more playing the role of Wile E. Coyote, done in by their own credulousness and Trump Derangement Syndrome.  Wasn't it Eric Hoffer who once said extreme hatred makes poor prognosticators?  Those who hate insanely can never follow facts or make forecasts because they simply are blinded by their hate and rage.

That brings us back to the media and their latest beclowning.

Here's a good tweet summing up the likely aftermath of this pathetic show:

Poof!  Poof!  Poof!  Let the deletings begin.

Image: Twitter screen shot.

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