Conservatives are playing defense in an offensive culture

The reason we conservatives constantly put out liberal brush fires is because we don't think the way liberals think.

What conservative could possibly think up drag queen story hour for second graders? Or teaching transexuality in math textbooks and at Disney World? Or creating anti-white racism in board rooms, technology, medicine, science, entertainment, and the military? Or pedophilia in storybooks for kindergartners? Or getting rid of law enforcement? Or inventing pronouns to call attention to their own sex? We conservatives think in terms of God, family, merit, hard work, decency, service, sacrifice, obeying the law, and delayed gratification. We believe that the cream should rise to the top and the scum should fall to the bottom. We believe that bad behavior isn't a "disorder." And we believe that only women can give birth. We call it reality.

We conservatives are always surprised at the next liberal outrage, wringing our hands, crying foul, and being predictably and tediously shocked, shocked. But we are learning fast even though it is hard thinking in a foreign language you cannot speak. We have learned that we cannot wait for the next assault before we go on offense. Ron DeSantis (Obi Ron) is teaching the country how to do this. He just had the Florida Department of Education reject 54 out of 132 math textbooks for overtly indoctrinating students into transexuality and homosexuality. The Department said the rejected textbooks were found to be "impermissible with either Florida's new standards or contained prohibited topics," including critical race theory. We can thank Obi Ron for the new standards. That is how it is done.

Hung on a message board in the residence hall of the University of Missouri, is an 11-point checklist to help students identify their white privilege. Why are parents of students unaware of (or indifferent to) such anti-white racist indoctrination? Parents could have asked to see the curriculum before paying tuition. If they had, perhaps their children would have actually gotten an education rather than being turned into imbecilic Leftist automatons, pumped full of hatred, resentment and anger.

At every turn, liberals come up with yet another outrageous way to destroy America and we conservatives are left trying to extinguish another cultural fire before it becomes a conflagration. A recent outrage is the assault on our military. In what sane world would anyone want to teach soldiers to hate their white comrades in arms and their white officers? That is a blueprint for military disunity, and disunity creates a military that refuses to fight cohesively against a common enemy, making us ripe for conquest. Will we be able to fight an invading foreign force on our shores? Only if the military is color-blind, as it used to be.

Warning: If enough powerful American Leftists saw to it that China (or Iran, or North Korea, or Russia) had enough monetary clout or tech savvy to take over our economy, our power grids, our cybergrids, our oil supply, our food supply or our banks, they could conquer from within, without a shot being fired. ESG (Environmental Social Governance) is the current weaponry of the Left's bloodless war in America. It distills power into a few very wealthy hands. BlackRock's power-brokers are deep, deep into this.

One said,

"Behaviors are going to have to change and this is one thing we are asking companies, you have to force behaviors and at BlackRock, we are forcing behaviors."

"Forcing behaviors" is the stuff of Russia and Iran, North Korea and California. The present administration is happily on board with force. Conservatives are constantly playing defense while being set back on one foot, with our pants down. To counter this, we must go on offense, not defense. We must be proactive, not reactive. Act first, ask forgiveness later.

We can predict the next cultural theater the Left will attack – God and the church. In their industrial-strength lust to turn America black and blue, they will battle full metal jacket against churches. A few days ago, the New York Times featured a piece, "In This Time of War, I Propose We Give Up God." It is not enough that schools no longer say the pledge of allegiance and read Bible verses. It is not enough that churches were among the first entities to suffer closings during COVID while bars stayed open. Leftists must wipe God out completely and make it a hanging offense to mention Him. Because God means accountability for one's actions, the last thing Leftists want is to believe there is a power higher than their own brute force.

Some political and cultural writers are fighting back because many Republicans and Conservatives won't. Rod Dreher, Matt Walsh and other contemporary writers have their fingers on this pulse: Conservatives by nature only react when poked, much like a curled-up caterpillar instead of like an angry Fer-de-lance. Recent rays of sunshine have split this darkness in the form of Mama Bear parents fighting back to gain control of their children's schools. But ordinarily, conservatives don't roil the culture because that is not in their nature. Jordan Peterson posits that being a liberal or a conservative is dependent upon personality type, something you are born with; nature, not nurture. If true, this could explain a lot we currently don't understand about pacifist, placid, quiet Conservatives vs. angry, hostile, noisy Liberals.

Conservatives need to rock the boat before liberals can by creating the firebreaks first, before the match is lit. We can no longer afford a strategy where we are always on defense, never offense. We must learn to be offensive, to put aside our reluctance to stir the pot and instead start flinging steaming conservatism their way. Liberals rely on our niceness, our desire to make peace. That is why they have gotten as far as they have; by taking advantage of conservative reluctance to punch up. The time for placidity and withdrawal is over. The spirit of the Founders and the Revolution is upon us.

Calvin Coolidge said, "Heroism is not only in the man, but in the occasion." Now is our occasion.

Image: Donkey Hotey, via Flickr // CC BY-SA 2.0

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