Obama's bloodless coup

Isn't the Democrat Party the party of empathy, love, and inclusion?  Oh, wait — that's what they say, not exactly what they do.

No putsch here.  Oh, no — this Svengali is way too cool to actually show his fangs as he destroys his former vice president, Joe Biden.  Forgetting also that Joe Biden was the man who made him.  Or perhaps that's it!  Obama just can't forgive Joe's racist past and assumed white privilege.

But have you ever watched any politician, or ex-president, no less, more narcissistic than Obama's televised bloodless coup at the White House?  Clearly, the overthrow was devised, written, directed, and implemented by the former president.  His sycophants couldn't betray and abandon President Biden fast enough.

Obviously, the Democrats don't believe that hapless Joe is destroying America fast enough.  And clearly, Obama has messaged that being a puppet master is not a proper second act for a past president of his Machiavellian genius.  No more behind-the-scenes act for him.

Twitter video screen grab.

Our first lady, Jill Biden, is the spouse from the dark side.  She allowed this circus sideshow to travel, succeed, and expose her husband's weakness as he allowed the extreme left to accelerate America's decline.  Just where was she as her husband was deliberately humiliated, abandoned, and destroyed?

Joe Biden is a fairly mean girl himself.  And one covered in lies and corruption.  But Obama accomplished the impossible.  He created sympathy for Biden.

And just who was the self-certified genius, with a double-digit I.Q., who cooked up this nightmare?  Watching the spectacle replayed on nighttime news, one was transported to high school.  There was Obama — the true mean girl — and Harris, the tittering girl who only wanted the prom king.

While Ukraine suffers unspeakable horrors, and Putin plots his next geographic victim, as North Korea rattles its nuclear threats, as America's inner cities continue to decline with crime on every level rising, along with overt virulent anti-Semitism, with inflation out of control, an invasion at the border, and an energy policy that is truly insane, we are governed by sadists and sycophants too devoid of decency, humility, street sense, and vision to see the cause and effect of their destructive behavior.

The primaries are almost upon us, and it is utterly mandatory that we select strong Republican candidates.  The candidates who have the best chance of winning in November.  It is time to accept a Republican with whom one agrees some of the time, over a Democrat with whom one agrees none of the time.

Obama's ugly display of contempt at the White House is uncharted territory.  Who knows what the Democrats are plotting?

If our country doesn't drastically change course in November, it will become unrecognizable. 

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