NYT offers doxxing bait on Christopher Rufo

Formerly respectable media outlets have decided that it is good sport to attach bull's eyes to prominent conservatives so that deranged leftists can target them for attacks.  Following on the heels of Taylor Lorenz and the Washington Post outing the identity and location of the proprietor of Libs of Tik Tok so that she was subjected to abuse and death threats and forced to flee her home, the New York Times has given the same treatment to Christopher Rufo.

He is the person who uncovered videos of Disney executives boasting of their commitment to the not-so-secret gay agenda and promising to push gay and transgender themes in its programming aimed at small children, among other journalistic triumphs.

Here is how the article on Rufo by Chana Kasinger, titled "He Fuels the Right's Cultural Fires (and Spreads Them to Florida)," begins:

GIG HARBOR, Wash. — Christopher Rufo appears on Fox News so often that he converted a room in his Pacific Northwest house to a television studio, complete with professional lighting, an uplink to Fox in New York and an "On Air" light in the hall[.]

AT co-founder Ed Lasky asks:

Why did they include his suburb?

It took me 10 seconds to find his address in Gig Harbor.

When The Nation did a hit job on me over my writings about Obama, they could have written Chicago-area but the "journalist" provided the name of the small Chicago suburb where I lived at the time.

The left has decided to destroy its opponents, and providing information to allow fanatics to attack them — known as  doxxing — is part of its strategy.  In the case of Libs of Tik Tok, it was a link to the real estate license of the proprietor that allowed the targeting of abuse.  In the case of Rufo, it is the name of the small town where he lives.

This is disgusting and dangerous.  There are many violent lunatics who are easily goaded into attacking conservatives.  Ask Steve Scalise.

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