No one is hiding how pro-LGBT Disney's latest movie is

Earlier this month, an LGBTQ+++ buzz started circulating regarding Disney's latest movie, Better Nate Than Ever.  American Thinker covered that groundswell of excitement here.  Given the collapse of Disney's reputation as it put its corporate weight behind fighting a Florida bill keeping sexual identity talk out of kindergarten through third-grade classrooms, one might think Disney and other leftists might have tried to downplay the overtly LGBTQ+++ theme in a "family" movie.  The opposite, however, is true.

Since Disney went to war against Florida parents, and videos emerged showing Disney executives boasting about using the company's platform and reputation to push LGBT content, Disney's standing with families has plummeted.  Earlier this week, almost 70% of Americans stated that they were less likely to do business with Disney.  That is a catastrophic number for a corporation.

While there are no data about the number of canceled subscriptions to Disney+, the streaming TV channel, there is evidence that people are boycotting the Disney resorts.  Of course, Disney's stand against the innocence of small children in Florida's classrooms is just the last in a series of escalating attacks on family values.  For example, many parents haven't forgotten that Disney fired Gina Carano because she dared to poke fun at the woke left's crazed pronoun madness and noted that America was becoming as divided as Germany was in the lead-up to WWII.

Image: Disney's Bob Chapek, who has bowed to the LGBTQIA+++ left.  YouTube screen grab.

Given that Disney's open advocacy for homosexuality and so-called transgenderism looks as if it will affect the company's bottom line, one would think Disney would try to be more low-key about its pro-LGBTQ+++ advocacy.  And one would also think its allies in the media (i.e., every media outlet except for explicitly conservative ones) would also want to downplay this advocacy.

Except that the opposite is happening.  In place of the low-key buzz about Better Nate Than Never, the film's director is loudly celebrating the movie's pro-LGBTQ+++ agenda:

The film's director, Tim Federle, also noted that the film was specifically intended to further the LGBTQ agenda, and recently celebrated Disney's high rating from the radical LGBTQ organization, GLAAD.

"In my several years with the company now, I was heartened to see we won the GLAAD award, we had the first-ever same gender kiss. And what I wanted to bring to this was a slightly younger POV of a middle-schooler discovering. For me, who didn't grow up with a movie like this, I know this movie would have made me feel seen and a lot less alone," Federle told Variety.

Federle went on to blast Florida's law to protect children as making kids "unsafe."

Additionally, the Daily Beast's movie review is over-the-top thrilled about the movie's overt homosexual agenda: "Disney Releases Its Gayest Kids' Movie Yet — at the Craziest Time."  After confessing to his love for musicals as a child, the reviewer had this to say about the movie:

All these feelings and memories were dug up this week because I had a chance to watch the new Disney+ film Better Nate Than Ever, which just may be the most gay-positive and encouraging youth programming that Disney has ever released.

Well, that ought to entice parents who, while personally holding no negative feelings towards lesbians and gays, don't want their children to be part of a lifestyle that means their children will have a statistically greater chance of a life that includes substance abusepartner abusesexually transmitted diseasesdepression, and suicide.

But if you really want to get a sense of what's going on behind this movie, just look at the Instagram feed of its 15-year-old star, Rueby Wood:



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I can't even imagine what will be in his tell-all autobiography a few years from now.  I just suspect that most parents, looking at Wood and then looking at their own sons, aren't thinking, "I want my boy to grow up just like him."

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