MSNBC analyst Malcolm Nance apparently violated Geneva Convention, as network 'clarifies' that he doesn't work for it anymore

Chalk up a major embarrassment for MSNBC and its now-former analyst Malcolm Nance, who has run afoul of the Geneva Convention and is called out for playing at soldier with his military gear improperly carried.  Don't expect to hear about this from MSNBC or the NYT or WaPo.

With much fanfare and chest-thumping, MSNBC's on-air military intelligence analyst Malcolm Nance announced Monday that he had joined Ukraine's International Legion about a month ago.  Anchor Joy Reid interviewed him — dressed in military gear —- from "a secure location" as he denounced "mass murder" by Russia.

Here is the 7-minute interview:

And here is the tweet he sent out later in the day, attempting to show off his gear:

But there are just a couple of problems.

Paul Goldberg of News Thud points out that the Geneva Convention does not allow journalists to become combatants.  Oops!  Perhaps that's why MSNBC "clarified" the following day that he no longer works for the network.  Of course, the past month "or so" that he was a member of the Legion and working for MSNBC becomes (as the SJWs like to say) "problematic."

Nance's tweet in gear also came under scrutiny by people who know what they're looking at, and lo and behold: as Sebastian Gorka said, it was "cosplay."

Photo credit: Twitter.

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