Media suddenly incurious about January 6 when the narrative stops going the Democrats' way

The media and others are in full campaign mode for 2022, and it seems the only story they focus on is January 6, when there was a protest.  The FBI said it wasn't an insurrection.  Why do the media and other Democrats repeat that lie?

This week, the story is that Mark Meadows was warned by intelligence that there might be violence.  That clearly means that Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, and others were warned yet did nothing.  Yet no stories about them, and no subpoenas asking about what they knew.

Trump's chief of staff was warned of possible violence on 6 January before attack

Mark Meadows was aware of intelligence briefings about the threat of violence ahead of the 6 January riots, according to new filing from House committee

I watch ABC News every night, and they seem to have something on January 6 but rarely anything about the illegal activity at the border.  A border guard died last week saving someone, yet I didn't see the story.

The Russian collusion story was the greatest threat to our republic in my lifetime, yet when Durham has a new filing, most of the media still don't cover it because that is Democrats threatening our elections.

There is massive information about the pure corruption of the incompetent Biden and his family yet very little coverage because the media don't care.

It is pathetic that Obama, who spread misinformation for eight years, says how concerned he is about misinformation.

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