Mayorkas admits that the illegals he releases will 'undoubtedly' commit crimes against Americans

Homeland Security secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, the Biden administration's oiliest, slipperiest, most mendacious Cabinet member, was put through the congressional wringer Wednesday and Thursday, over his "turnstile" border policies, as he well should have been.

He put on the same bee ess show in a hearing before Congress, apparently to seek a bigger budget, handing out the usual tropes that have followed from his earlier claims that there is no crisis at the border: the border is under "operational control."  He's just doing what the law tells him.  He's not dumping unvetted illegals from 157 nations throughout the country in the dead of night; he's pursuing "alternatives to incarceration."  It's the fault of the "broken" immigration system that he won't enforce the law.  And he's proud of the job he's doing.  Oh, and Trump did it.

His consistent denials of any problem at all at the border are why he's drawn so much ire from Congress even as he seeks more money for his do-nothing department.  Biden's plans for dropping the Title 42 basis for instant expulsion on COVID pandemic grounds is forecast to attract as many as 18,000 new illegals into the U.S. per day, up from the current record 7,000 or so.  His solution is more agents, more resources, more money — to create more turnstiles to get the unvetted illegals into the interior of the country faster, before anyone can complain.  And since nobody except for the worst alien criminals ever gets deported, even with 1.2 million judicial final deportation orders outstanding, that's a non-issue, too.

The news reports about this have been disjointed, and many, such as this one from The Hill, have brimmed with open-borders bias, which obscured how important this microscope to Mayorkas from Congress really was.

The other clouding factor is that as good as many of the GOP congressional members were — Jim Jordan, Josh Hawley, Chip Roy, et al — they undercut themselves by interrupting Mayorkas all the time, inadvertently denying the rest of us the opportunity to watch Mayorkas hang himself by laying out his open borders agenda.  This had the unwelcome side-effect of making Mayorkas look calm and reasonable, when it's Mayorkas who's the one working like a wild man to negate U.S. border law, rather than the Congress members.

That said, the best performance was from Rep. Matt Gaetz (honorable mention: Burgess Owens), who clearly understood the scope of the border crisis and did allow Mayorkas some space to reveal how bad he is:

According to Breitbart News, it began like this:

"1.2 million people are un-detained, free, roaming about the country," Gaetz began. "They've gone before a judge. A judge has issued a final order of removal. How many ICE agents do you need to deport them?"

Mayorkas repeatedly indicated during the heated four-hour hearing that Congress needed to pass immigration reform to help correct the ongoing border crisis. In response to Gaetz's question, Mayorkas repeated that message, saying, "Congressman, I think what we need is legislation to fix a broken immigration system—"

ICE, however, does not rely on Congress to carry out deportations of those who have gone before a judge and received final orders of removal, Gaetz noted, re-asking if Mayorkas planned to remove the 1.2 million.

Mayorkas did not answer the question and instead indicated "resources" were impeding his ability to carry out deportations.

Gaetz then asked, "How much money do you need to deport all of them? How much money? How many agents to deport the 1.2 million who a judge has said have no right to be here?"

Mayorkas replied, "Congressman, there are a number of questions that your question raises with respect to whether all of those individuals actually have been given due process—"

Gaetz interrupted the border chief to correct him, saying, "No, no, no, they have. These are the people who have had their due process, ok? And here's the point. You have no plan to remove them. You don't know how many ICE agents it would take and you don't know how much money it would take because you actually don't want to remove them."

Gaetz let him speak, and ratted out Mayorkas's full agenda as a result.  We learned that Mayorkas has let terrorists into the country and "lost track" of them.  The most telling part was when he asked Mayorkas about the criminal element rolling into the U.S. as a result of the surge, and whether he knew if such people would be committing crimes. 

"Undoubtedly," Mayorkas replied, using that calm, oleaginous, avuncular demeanor of his, which is infuriating.

Here he's volunteering American citizens to be "collateral damage," as Gaetz put it, whether they like it or not, victims of illegal aliens on a crime spree, and barely anyone in the mainstream media notices something amiss.

Sure, he pays lip service to the notion of following the law and enforcing the border, but with that "undoubtedly," he reveals himself to be one cold character.

No wonder the Congress members are calling him "traitor" and threatening to impeach him.  Anyone with that little regard for lost American lives deserves this kind of label.  Nonsensical testimony like Mayorkas's demonstrates just how big the scope of the problem is.

Image: Twitter screen shot.

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