Maskerade: Hiding the face of tyranny and fear

Few things are more emblematic of America's cultural and political differences than the issue of masks.  The right has moved past them.  The left insists on keeping them because it claims it's a "health issue."  It isn't — it's a control issue.  If masks were effective, there would be no new infections, no spread, no lockdowns, no mandates.  If masked up infected people protected the uninfected from infection, the uninfected would not need to wear masks.  The CDC itself stated that wearing a mask is intended to protect other people in case the mask-wearer is infected.

At no time has CDC guidance suggested that masks were intended to protect the wearers.

What?  If  masks "don't protect the wearers," why are the wearers wearing them?  Yet by their masks, leftists are virtue-signaling to frazzled exhaustion that they care, and well, you don't, you swine.  COVID, though pretty much a moot issue in much of America, is being kept alive by maskeraders who want the issue, not the cure.  They use the issue like a truncheon and love that the mask is a barrier to your freedom.

If the left really cared about people, there would be an educated populace, not two generations of narcissistic onanists.  If leftists really cared, they would want to remove restrictions that hamper individual accomplishment, but instead, they aim to extinguish every glowing ember of self-determination.  You must never think outside the left's collectivist box.  For the hubristic, vapid left, the mask represents obeisance to government diktat over liberty and individual freedom — concepts that are garlic and sunlight to the collectivist vampire.  They don't care if you get COVID; they want your chicken-hearted fear.  And besides, you didn't build that.

The left has little leverage without instilling fear.  Your fear of sickness and death, among other things, drives the authoritarian agenda: we will lock you down again at the slightest hint of a new virus.  And if there is none, we will create a different crisis so we can lock you down.  Lockdowns are control over people who disagree with the left.  If leftists cannot beat you into submission with their maskerade, they will shut you down or lock you up. 

Hidden in the folds of "health care services," progressives tuck not just abortion and elective transsexual surgeries (on your $), but more sinister controls over your food.  The Earth is heating up, and cow flatus is exacerbating it, so we will all die if you eat beef, they say.  The crazed environazis do not want you to be the omnivores your evolved teeth insist you are.  Eat kale, vegan shrimp, and twigs.  Or die.  They really don't care which.

In addition, peeking out from dark, musty basement windows lurks control over your thermostat, the cars you drive, the schools you attend, the books you read, the comments you are permitted to make on social media — and, most sinister of all, whom you can vote for.

Here are other maskerades Democrats and liberals love:

Voting Rights: While trying to scare black Americans into believing that conservatives want to stop them from voting, they feverishly work against in-person voting, voter ID, and signature verification, which most countries use.  They believe that if everyone mails in his ballot, the people will be fairly represented, but what they really hope for is for those ballots to magically multiply like fruit flies in the millions.  Democrats also quietly hope for programming algorithms that can digitally turn every one GOP vote into two Democrat votes.  BOGO voting.

Racism: The left attempts to create fear by threatening cancelation or other aggression against those businesses or individuals who resist CRT and "anti-racist" training (which is racist to the bone).  They threaten the suburbs by hinting at BLM violence there.  They hide what is actually their own racism and inject it into every facet of American life: health care, corporations, science, the military, education, entertainment, land allotment, farming, banking, and mathematics textbooks. 

Yes, math is now racist.  Apparently we missed it when 2 + 2 began to equal white.  We also missed it when working hard and being punctual became white.  Leftist teachers, mostly Democrats, want desperately to hide racist anti-white curricula from parents.  When it is discovered, they insist that CRT is not being taught.  It is.  Under other names such as DEI, SEL, and ESG, it is everywhere being taught, promoted, and shoved down the throats of Americans who abhor racism of any color.  CRT in all its permutations is designed to provoke humiliation plus reparations.

Hate Speech: Inside the current COVID-19 Hate Crime Act is a proposed legislative amendment to institute federal hate crime laws for issues not just of race and ethnicity, but also for gender identity within federal law: you could go to jail for saying something against transsexuality.  You could also go to jail or lose your job for not using the correct pronouns when some fem-man or vice-versa demands it.

Misinformation: Some autocratic lefties are openly calling for censorship of "disinformation," which can be defined as any information or sentiment that opposes the Marxist agenda.  "People are dying" because of COVID "misinformation," said an ex-president, without citing any data.  Progressives gin up fear by telling their constituents that free speech "kills people" in some way unfathomable to normals.  This is another maskerade disguised as "public health."  Free speech is why progressives are so ready to repeal the First Amendment.  If your speech is free, you might tell the truth, you see.

That any American should go to jail for saying anything at all (except to directly threaten violence against a public official), or for refusing compelled speech, is a liberty-threatening travesty of gargantuan proportions.  This is not ordinary sane-world liberalism; this is perverse, twisted, degenerate Marxism, where the mindless minions of the present administration, not to mention the unglued, unhinged lizards of TikTok and Twitter, plot behind their masks to steal your freedom. 

Everywhere one turns in America, the left is maskerading by creating some new fear or outrage.  The Earth is going to burn up.  Black people are being prevented from voting.  Viruses will kill you if you don't mask up.  We will burn down your business if you don't go woke.  We want your children pornified by the time they are three.  Decolonize or die. 

But the masses are rising up.  There are more and more stories across the U.S. showing that energized conservatives and committed Christians are fed up and are getting results reversing the cancerous effects of wokery: CNN, Disney, Netflix, and Twitter have felt the noble, righteous wrath of American conservatives (and some liberals) for going too far.

The solution to the lemming lefties' ongoing Maoist sneakfest is for conservatives to rip off leftist masks and confidently say once again, "No.  Not this time, either."

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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