Lincoln Project shells out another $100,000 for some new mystery scandal

How gross do you have to be to be involved with the pervy, pervy Lincoln Project?

The scandal-plagued NGO of ex-Republicans devoted to destroying President Trump has seen its share of sex scandals involving one of its founders, John Weaver, harassing and soliciting unwilling young men and at least one 14-year-old boy.  But that's not their only scandal; there's a new one involving mysterious payouts for some sort of bad behavior, and these scandals aren't over.

According to the Washington Free Beacon:

The Lincoln Project shelled out another six-figure payment to a founding member of the super PAC who accused the organization of ignoring allegations of sexual misconduct within its ranks.

The scandal-plagued PAC paid $100,000 to Jennifer Horn in the first quarter of 2022, according to campaign finance records. The Lincoln Project has paid Horn a total of $475,000 in mystery legal payments since she resigned from the group amid allegations that cofounder John Weaver made unwanted sexual advances to more than 20 young men. Horn accused leaders of the Lincoln Project of ignoring allegations against Weaver.

The terms of the settlement are unclear, raising questions over whether the Lincoln Project entered the agreement with Horn to keep her from criticizing the organization. The veteran Republican operative in recent months has been relatively quiet about the Lincoln Project's activities. She criticized the group in October for hiring operatives to pose as white nationalists at a rally for Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R., Va.) but has not mentioned the allegations against Weaver.

The Beacon isn't sure what that payout was for, but it's known that Horn has criticized The Lincoln Project for its pervy chief and its flunkies who covered for him as well as its other stunts, described above.  She quit, she criticized them, they leaked her emails, something else happened, she got whopping payouts, and you can see what kind of operation this really is.  The Beacon notes that in their disclosures, they've made other payouts to questionable groups as well.

Back in its heyday, The Lincoln Project claimed to have raised $100 million from supposedly disgruntled Republicans and has since gone to work electing Democrats as if that would somehow fix it.  They feathered their nests, paid consultants linked to themselves, and produced and persuaded no one, and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, of all people, declared them a grift.

The last we heard of them was that they had shut down their fancy Park City, Utah headquarters in a move that suggests that donations are drying up. 

Now they seem to be devoting themselves to dirty tricks that even Democrats won't touch, and they're so bad at it that they get found out every time, as happened in the Virginia case.  They've announced blacklists of Republicans who support Trump, taking themselves down to Media Matters' level.  They now seem to be an organization that's mainly about payouts for past misbehavior, including pervy grooming behavior that could repel Gary Glitter.  Last year, the New York Times reported:

Mr. Weaver sent overt sexual solicitations to at least 10 of the men and, in the most explicit messages, offered professional and personal assistance in exchange for sex [sic]. He told one man he would "spoil you when we see each other," according to a message reviewed by The New York Times. "Help you other times. Give advice, counsel, help with bills. You help me ... sensually."

Behavior like that, along with other Lincoln Project leaders knowing about it and ignoring it, and now this incident with Horn and her leaked emails, and all their host of other bottom-of-the-barrel political tricks, tells us this is one dirty, filthy outfit.  No one decent should be involved with it, not with payouts the size of these, and not with the repellent news that keeps coming with their name attached to it.

Image: Logo via Wikipedia, fair use.

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