Journalists won't do research or ask questions about global warming claims, so I will do their job for them

Everywhere you go, you hear about global warming.

It's a fake idea not supported by science. And the press is the biggest perpetrator of the false claims, never bothering to ask questions when presented with looney claims. They are going to wreck the country if they can't stop repeating this phony narrative. So I will do their job for them.

The following is historical scientific data that is not shown to the public by the media and government officials. The reason the public is not shown actual scientific data, instead of computer models made up predictions, is because it would demolish the fabricated theory that humans and fossil fuel consumption are causing temperatures and sea levels to rise rapidly, are destroying the planet, and are an existential threat to our survival. It is pure fraud!

There have been several warming and cooling periods throughout history.

The Medieval warming period, from 950 AD to 1250 AD occurred cyclically and naturally and the temperature was similar to or a little warmer than today, 1000 years later.

There was a little ice age that occurred between 1303 and 1860 AD where the Earth cooled cyclically and naturally.

After the little ice age, the Earth has warmed a little, cyclically, and naturally, getting back to where it was around 1,000 years ago

  • The Earth’s average surface temperature has increased by about 1.8°F (1.0°C) since the late 1800s.
  • Averaged across land and ocean, the 2020 surface temperature was 1.76° F (0.98° Celsius) warmer than the twentieth-century average of 57.0°F (13.9°C) and 2.14˚F (1.19˚C) warmer than the pre-industrial period (1880-1900).

While CO2, fossil fuel usage, and populations were rising rapidly, the Earth cooled a little from 1940-1975.

Weather stations have been moved from rural areas to urban areas over the years. It is common sense that rural areas with more trees and grass would have temperatures cooler than areas with more cement, asphalt, and buildings. Therefore, measurements are skewed warmer.

BIG NEWS – Verified by NOAA – poor weather station siting leads to artificial long term warming

30 year trends of temperature are shown to be lower, using well-sited high quality NOAA weather stations that do not require adjustments to the data.


Sea levels have risen and fallen throughout history, cyclically and naturally.

The average depth of the oceans today is around 12,100 feet.

Sea levels have risen around 10 inches in the last 150 years which is minuscule, and essentially immeasurable in oceans that average 12,100 feet deep.

Does anyone think all the world's oceans can be measured accurately within 10 inches? Could there have been some erosion at the bottom or at coastlines from pounding waves that may make oceans appear deeper than they are?

Very little crude oil was used in 1880 and today it is around 100 million barrels per day, Usage is up exponentially.

The world population in 1880 was around 1.5 billion. The population today is around 8 billion, or up over 400%.

With a little knowledge of history, an ounce of intelligence, and with the scientific facts from above, journalists, scientists, educators, entertainers, bureaucrats, politicians, and other Democrats should get the right answer to the following multiple-choice questions. Even Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, John Kerry, Al Gore, and Jen Psaki should be able to ace it. 

Please mark all correct choices:

A: The Earth has had many warming and cooling periods throughout its history.

B. The temperature today is similar to the temperature in the Medieval warming period over 1,000 years ago. 

C: There was a 500-year-plus Little Ice Age that ended in the mid-1800s.

D: It would be cyclical and normal for the Earth to warm after an ice age ends. 

E: In the last 150 years, there have been periods of warming and cooling. 

F: If the Earth cools while fossil fuel consumption and the population are rising rapidly, there is no correlation among the variables. 

G: If there is no correlation between variables, there can be no causation.

H: Sea levels have risen and fallen throughout history. 

I: A ten-inch rise in 150 years of sea levels that average 12,100 feet deep is immaterial and probably immeasurable. It would be hard to attribute the rise to anything. 

J: If the population rises over 400% and fossil fuel consumption rises exponentially, while sea levels only rise .0000007, there is no correlation among the variables and therefore there can be no causation. 

K: People that truthfully say the climate has always changed cyclically and naturally are not climate change deniers or anti-science. 

L: All of the above. 

The correct answer is clearly L: All the above. There is absolutely zero scientific data that shows that humans and fossil fuel consumption cause an existential threat to the climate. 

My guess is a significant number of journalists and other left-wing extremists flunked this easy test, either because they don’t have the ability to analyze scientific results or they don’t care about facts when they are pushing their agenda to destroy America.

Why do journalists, educators, politicians, scientists, entertainers, and others indoctrinate the public, especially the children, with the theory that humans and fossil fuels cause temperatures and sea levels to rise when there clearly is no correlation? 

Why do we continually hear from the UN and others that humans and fossil fuels are an existential threat to our survival when that is clearly a lie?

Why are politicians and bureaucrats so anxious to destroy industries that directly and indirectly employ tens of millions of people and create products that have greatly improved the quality and length of life? 

It has to be because they want more money and power to control all aspects of our life. Freedom and debate are enemies of power-hungry politicians. 

Why the heck are journalists so willing to greatly harm the poor, middle class, and small businesses by supporting policies that are so destructive? Why won't they do their job and ask questions and do research instead of just repeating talking points?

My only thought is that most journalists don't care about facts or science. All they care about is passing leftist policies to transfer power and money from the people to the government.  The Founding Fathers were for: “We the People." The media and other Democrats today are for "We the government." They want more people to be dependent on the government instead of giving them the potential to move up. The Democrats essentially make the rich and powerful more powerful while they only pretend to care for the little guy by giving them handouts as they troll for votes. 

Journalists and other leftists are the greatest threat to our democracy -- not voter integrity laws, nor Elon Musk taking over Twitter. 

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