Joe Biden's public approval craters to 33% — and it's about to get worse

It looks as though the public isn't buying Joe Biden's argument that Vlad Putin is the guy responsible for all the inflation out there.

Take a gander at his latest poll numbers:

President Joe Biden's approval rating sank to a new low of 33%, according to a new Quinnipiac poll.

The April poll found 33% of voters approved of Biden's handling as president, while 54% disapproved. Broken down by party lines, Republicans disapprove 93-3%. Democrats approve 76-12%.

More than half of Independent voters disapprove of the 46th president's handling, with only 26% offering approval.

The Quinnipiac poll surveyed 1,412 U.S. adults nationwide from April 7th – 11th. The margin of error was +/- 2.6 percentage points.

And this is far from over.  More on that later.

Yes, we've seen bad poll numbers out there for Biden.

So has Joe Biden.  And we've also seen various efforts by the White House spin teams to boost Biden upward ever since.  What we see now is that every last one of these efforts is failing, because these polling numbers are the worst yet.

The Daily Caller reports that most independents can't stand him, but that most of the bleeding is coming from a critical Democrat party voting demographic: Hispanics.

The poll found that only 26% of Hispanic voters approve of Biden's job performance, standing significantly lower than the president's 31% of white and 63% of black approval. Meanwhile, Biden holds a 54% of Hispanic disapproval rating, while 59% of white and 25% of black respondents said they disapprove.

A staggering 41% of Hispanic voters said they "strongly disapprove" of the president's job handling, while only 12% of respondents said they "strongly approve." Nearly a quarter of Hispanic voters, 20%, remained neutral.

Asked why, a top GOP strategist said it's inflation — that phenomenon Biden says is all the diabolical doing of Russia's Vladimir Putin while he stands by helplessly.

Giancarlo Sopo, a Republican media strategist who led former President Donald Trump's national Hispanic advertising in 2020, said Wednesday that even if the poll is "off 10 points," it's still "a nightmare scenario" for the Democratic Party.

"A bad economy and being out of touch on cultural issues would hurt Democrats with any group, but it's especially dangerous for them with Hispanics. Inflation disproportionately impacts Latinos because our communities are mostly working class. Meanwhile, the Democrats' victimhood-peddling to minorities and radical stances on cultural issues really alienates Latinos. Our communities tend to be traditional, more preoccupied with getting ahead than political correctness, and we don't view ourselves as victims in this country," Sopo told the Daily Caller.

I find that explanation believable.  Most Hispanics are indeed working-class — not just guys who turn gears in factories, but cops, teachers, city bureaucrats, military members, construction workers, mechanics, and people who start and own small businesses.  I recall this demographic vividly at a farewell party in Lake Elsinore, California for a cop friend who was fleeing to South Carolina in the great California exodus about a year and a half ago.  Everyone there was either Hispanic or Black, concerned about getting ahead or keeping his head above water as high California costs engulfed all of them.  One guy was telling of his unexpected success setting up a business to sell Mexican street corn for $5 a cob to Huntington Beach surfers.  They were younger than most demographics, people who were raising young families.  They hated Critical Race Theory in schools with a passion, one stating: "I don't want my children to grow up hating other people."  Inflation was anathema.  After all, these are people who never went to fancy parties or hung out with the "beautiful people" of Los Angeles.  They paid taxes.  They owned homes.  They had families with young kids.  There was no one they could call when they had a problem with rising prices, high medical bills, crappy schools, high taxes, or bureaucratic bungling.  It always fell to them to just take the blows and tough it out.

Of course they'd hate the inflation seen now.  It's pretty obvious from this poll that they do:

A March 25 Axios-Ipsos poll also found that inflation and supply chain issues are among top concerns for Hispanic voters and are causing them to turn on the Biden administration in large numbers.

Meanwhile, Biden's excuses for it are getting really bad.  Here's Jen Psaki, as quoted by the Daily Caller:

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki responded to a question Monday, asking about the president's low approval ratings. "I think that the president recognizes that the country is still grappling with a small number of challenges that impact people and their everyday lives, whether that is a continuing fight with a pandemic that has been going on for several years or the fact that costs are going up. Some of those are a result of the actions of President Putin — yes, as it relates to gas prices — but others are related to impacts of COVID-19 and impacts on the supply chain."

"So, what our focus is and his focus continues to be: on solutions to address these challenges, and keeping our heads down and trying to continue to deliver for the American people," she added.

Ah, the inflation monster, eating up wages and savings of people with no Washington connections, but just part of a "small number of challenges."

Saying the word "small" to a problem as all-encompassing as inflation pretty well tells us they consider this dragon-that-took-down-Jimmy-Carter a minor "ouch."

Here's something that's never noted in the news stories about Hispanics abandoning President Bidenflation: many of these voters — not all, but many — are recent (legal) immigrants.  They come from countries that have seen monster inflation and what it can do.  They know how these problems have been solved in the past — with the capital burning, the IMF marching in, the "austerity" programs put into place by fiat, and sky-high interest rates and costs of capital the next way of life.  That's the standard way to get rid of inflation.  Sometimes it works.  Long-term, it always does.

Denying it and calling it "transitory" or one of a few small "challenges," though, never does.  Imagine what such voters are thinking as Joe Biden's team members give their excuses, targeting economically ignorant white suburban women, and then expecting Hispanics to buy it, too.  Hispanics have seen this movie before.

Here's some more news: the problem is about to get worse.  According to Barron's:

The producer price index, or PPI, rose 11.2% year over year in March on a non-seasonally adjusted basis, the Labor Department said Wednesday. This is the largest increase since 12-month data were first calculated in November 2010, and follows a 10% increase in February.

Economists had forecast PPI to rise 10.5%.

PPI increased 1.4% last month on a seasonally adjusted basis, higher than expectations for a 1.1% uptick.

Producer prices are a leading indicator, a forecast for how prices are going to go.  Inflation currently is running at 8.5% in the consumer price index, the worst level since 1981.  The producer price index at 11.25%, which is the worst ever since data have been collected, signals that even worse is to come after that as production makes its way down the supply chain and costs must be passed on.

With inflation the linchpin to the Hispanic vote, and Biden having no idea how to stop it, other than denying that it's a significant problem, how's the Hispanic vote going to go for Biden in the months leading up to midterms?  Obviously, it's going to go down.  Biden isn't anywhere near solving this problem, and as a result, his poll numbers have yet to hit rock bottom.  It's coming.

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