I wonder why people thought they would be completely safe if they took the vaccines

What a pathetic article from USA Today!

COVID vaccines are not meant to prevent all infections, experts say. Americans need to reset their expectations.

Adrianna Rodriguez, USA TODAY

Sun, April 17, 2022, 4:30 AM

Denny Mitchell couldn't believe he tested positive for the coronavirus in January.

The 45-year-old from Houston never left the house without his mask, he avoided indoor dining at all costs, and most important, he was fully vaccinated. But he still got sick.

"I was surprised because I was taking so many precautions," he said.

It's no longer unusual to hear of someone getting COVID-19 even though they're fully vaccinated and boosted. Yet, many Americans are still shocked when it happens to them.

It is essentially another attempt to blame the people instead of the government for their misperceptions.

Could it be that Fauci, the CDC, and others told them that if they took the vaccines, wore masks, were socially distanced, and quarantined, they would be safe and that people who didn't take the vaccine wanted people to get sick and deserved to get fired?

There are people who still believe that the disease resides on surfaces and that Plexiglas works to prevent it.  Fauci & Co. even silenced people who blamed the Wuhan lab.  The CDC and Fauci and others spread endless lies, yet they have never been silenced.  Most of the media just repeated what they were told, with no questions asked.

Anyone who dared question the vaccine, the lockdowns, the shutdowns of schools, the masks, the social distancing was silenced and called a conspiracy theorist.

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