How many saw it coming?

Marin Marais died 60 years before the French Revolution.  He composed "Voix des Humaines," an instrumental trio with a haunting beginning that, with hindsight, seems to presage the bloody termination of the French evolution of feudalism.  

Storming of the Bastille, painted by Jean-Pierre Houël.

More and more of us today sense the gathering storm of oppression-triggered revolution, and some even risk cancelation by speaking loudly about the contradictions of policies that put people above the law in this nation founded on laws, not men.  The new elites seem incapable of rules-based debating.  They abide with their possessions and positions and influence and power and pass or cheerlead the issuance of executive orders, passage of law after law, and sign or cheer the signing of resolutions and edicts that disregard the voices of the people.

The newest platforms and small media outlets may not be enough to overcome the continuing strong hands of the elite keeping more and more voices of ordinary people hushed or silent, intimidated by the potential to be punished if they step out of line.  

Many people owe their employment or receipt of subsidies to not stepping out of line and can see the risk of being put at the end of the line.  Many communities have long waiting lists for subsidized housing.  More and more programs claim to help all but cannot or do not.

The left-leaning subsidy administrators seem to thrive on maintaining a critical mass of the left out.  And the left out cannot imagine that their left-out status is a political tool.  Walter Karp asked if fraud had become embedded in the machine politics in the USA and posited that it benefits an elitist oligopoly.  Today, more and more voices are trying to point out examples of election fraud, and one of the repeated techniques of the ruling elites is to say, as if it were an answer, that there is "no evidence of widespread fraud," disregarding Mercutio's witness to the power of a small wound.

Little Smith is a pen name, as the author must remain anonymous.

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