Hillary Clinton politicizes Madeleine Albright's funeral, warning 'fascism' could dominate US

Never one to allow good taste and respect for the departed to interfere with her political aims, Hillary Clinton used the occasion of Madeleine Albright's funeral to implicitly slur Republicans and Donald Trump as fascists.  The New York Post reports:

Hillary Clinton on Wednesday injected partisan politics to the funeral of diplomat Madeleine Albright, the nation's first female secretary of state, saying "fascism" could dominate the United States if "dictators and demagogues" aren't stopped — taking a clear swipe at former President Donald Trump and his allies. (snip)

"She knew better than most and she warned us in her book on fascism that yes, it can happen here and time and courage are of the essence," Clinton said in a eulogy at Washington National Cathedral.

"If Madeleine were here with us today, she would also remind us this must be a season of action," Clinton continued.

"We must heed the wisdom of her life and the cause of her public service, stand up to dictators and demagogues — from the battlefields of Ukraine to the halls of our own capital; defend democracy at home just as vigorously as we do abroad; live up to the ideals of the country that welcomed an 11-year-old refugee sailing into New York Harbor on a ship called SS America and made her secretary of state."

Oddly enough, Donald Trump was president for four years with no fascism at all, and indeed unprecedented prosperity flourished.  During this time, Hillary's minions pushed the Russia collusion hoax, hoping to undo the will of the electorate.

Photo credit: YouTube screen grab (cropped).

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