Has the FBI ever before looked this pitiful?

It's one thing for the FBI, once considered the pre-eminent law enforcement agency in the world, to turn to the dark side and become the secret police of the Democrat party.  Again and again, the FBI has shown its partisan colors, overlooking obvious Democrat criminality (see Clinton, Hillary, and Biden, Hunter) while chasing after Donald Trump and his supporters like Brian Stelter chasing down a Mister Softee truck for seconds.

But although it's unsettling to know that the FBI is only supporting one side of the political aisle, what's truly incredible is how bad the Feebs are at partisan warfare.  Forget stopping actual terrorists, like the ones involved in 9/11, Orlando, and San Bernadino; recent history tells us the Bureau can't even run a coup right.

Under a previous director as tall as he was self-righteous, the FBI tried to take down presidential candidate Donald Trump (R-MAGA) with the infamous Russia Collusion scam.  But what a lousy effort it was!

The FBI case, such as it was, relied primarily on a dossier —French for "phony opposition research" — centered on a supposed video of prostitutes wetting the bed in a Moscow hotel for Donald Trump's entertainment.  Talk about purple prose!  I've written stuff that lurid and bizarre, but sadly, it never gets published.

Although not-so-special agent Peter Strzok told his horse-faced FBI side piece, "Don't worry, we'll stop it (Trump becoming president)," the Feebs' pathetic plot fell apart, and Trump was elected.

But give leftists credit: they don't quit.

Democrats and a former FBI head who's apparently chasing Joe Biden in the race to be most senile, tried to resurrect the failed effort against Trump, now a sitting president, with the absurd Mueller special counsel investigation.  While this particular scam did waste $32,000,000 of taxpayer money, it ended with a whimper and Bob Mueller doing his best Sergeant Schultz imitation, telling a congressional oversight committee he knew nothing about the origins or funding of the Steele Dossier.  And based on the blank expression on his face, poor, demented 74-year-old Bob Mueller may have actually been telling the truth.

Having failed to take down the Republican candidate and, later, the sitting president, the FBI next attempted to prevent Trump's re-election.  Apparently, the Democrats were not confident that their pre-planned electoral shenanigans would be sufficient to install a vile, doddering imbecile in the White House.

So, in a plot so simple that a first-grader or even AOC could have come up with it, the Dems tasked their FBI lackeys with organizing a bunch of stoned misfits to kidnap Michigan's imperious but witless Governor Whitmer (D-COVIDistan).

The FBI provided the ways and means for the phony op, the so-called perps provided the useful idiocy, and the bombshell charges were filed as an October surprise for President Trump.  The mainstream media, as corrupt and mendacious as the FBI but much better dressed, then did their part by pinning the whole frightening plot against Gov. Whitmer's very life on Donald Trump and his right-wing domestic-terrorist followers.

Did this FBI interference help tilt the election?  Who knows, but that was clearly their intent.

Still, despite the best efforts of the trial judge, Robert Jonker, the jury in the kidnapping case clearly saw that the FBI was guilty of entrapment, and no convictions were obtained.  And many more millions of taxpayer dollars were wasted in yet another failed FBI sting.  But, hopefully, millions of low-information voters wised up to the fact that the FBI's not only playing partisan politics but playing it badly.

As the unconstitutional and lawless January 6 prosecutions come to a head in D.C., will anyone be surprised to find out the FBI had a hand in facilitating the so-called insurrection?

I certainly won't.

No, the only question I have is, what questionable stunt will the Bureau pull against candidate Trump in '24?

And this is one they'd better get right.  Because if Trump is re-elected, there will be some serious housecleaning in the Augean stable formerly known as FBI headquarters.

Perhaps, in addition to planning their next partisan coup, the FBI leadership should also polish up their resumes for potential future gigs at CNN or MSNBC or — if they have a face for writing, like the star-crossed adulterers Strzok and Page — the Washington Post or the NY Times.

Let's face it.  In today's America, the unscrupulous and so far inept plotters in the FBI will never see the inside of a jail cell.

Still, one can dream.

Image via Wikimedia Commons, public domain.

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