Forget the red wave. We need a MAGA tsunami.

A day doesn't go by without right-leaning websites, newspapers, and commentators becoming giddy about taking back Congress in the midterms.  In their view, it's just a question of how big the Red Wave will be.  They cite increased Republican registrations in purple or blue cities and states.  They hype how many traditional Democrat constituencies such as Hispanics and Blacks are switching to Republican.

But what is the purpose of taking back Congress if we have most of the same spineless leadership as before?  In 2017–2018, President Trump was in the White House, and we had both houses of Congress.  Shouldn't the results have been much better?  Will things vastly improve if a 2023 or 2025 Republican Congress is sworn in and Rep. Kevin "which way the wind is blowing" McCarthy is House speaker?  Or if Sen. Mitch "Donate to Liz Cheney's campaign" McConnell remains Senate leader?  Sure, they decide the agenda and which bills reach the floor, but McCarthy and McConnell are the same Establishment Republicans who have always given MAGAs heartburn.

A walk down memory lane

McConnell was probably watching MSNBC and didn't know that, on January 6, 2021, President Donald Trump urged his followers at the D.C. rally to go to the U.S. Capitol and "peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard."  Trump repeatedly tweeted the same message even as some Capitol Police officers held doors open for MAGAs to enter the building.

Yet days after the mêlée and without any proof, McConnell went onto the Senate floor and accused President Trump of being "practically and morally responsible" for January 6 events at the U.S. Capitol.  He called Trump's actions a "disgraceful — disgraceful — dereliction of duty."

Well, I call many of McConnell's actions as Senate leader disgraceful — disgraceful — dereliction of duty.

Following January 6's events, GOP leader Kevin McCarthy called on President Trump to "accept his share of responsibility" for what happened.

Well, I call on McCarthy to accept his share of responsibility as House leader for, among other things, his pathetic initial support of Rep. Liz Cheney to remain chair of the House Republican Conference.  His giving California rep. David Valadao a prime committee assignment just days after Valadao voted to impeach President Trump.  His not removing Reps. Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger from the GOP Caucus when they accepted an appointment to Nancy Pelosi's January 6 circus committee.

As President Trump said on March 26 during his "Save America" rally in Commerce, Georgia:

Before we can defeat the Democrats, socialists, and communists, which is exactly what we're running against at the ballot boxes in the fall, we first have to defeat the RINOs, sellouts, and the losers in the primaries this spring.

Image: Donald Trump by Gage Skidmore.  CC BY-SA 2.0.

Midterms must be a MAGA Tsunami

Without a MAGA Tsunami in November, we will continually repeat the cycle of MAGAs enthusiastically running in primaries but being pushed out by Establishment Republicans.  Then, in the general election, state and county GOPs claim that the RINO candidate is still better than the Democrat.  Really?  Is "Republican" Mitt Romney better than a Democrat?

Let's be honest: many Establishment Republicans prefer candidates who can swim in the D.C. swamp.  MAGAs won't even dip their toe in the swamp!

Deborah Pauly, president of Conservative Patriots of Orange County (California), a growing and influential non-partisan organization that welcomes members across the political spectrum, said:

We need to reframe the election conversation and stop buying the establishment narrative, which is that we have to vote for these "liberal Republicans," or we will lose the seat to the Democrats. A "liberal Republican" is an oxymoron and only a moron would keep voting for that. This is particularly true in California where we have been conditioned to accept an extremely milquetoast version of the conservative Republican as the best we can hope to achieve.

The GOP belongs to MAGAs

During his April 2 "Save America" rally in Washington Township, Michigan, President Trump said:

The choice this November is very simple, if you want high crime, high prices, high taxes, high corruption, and high incompetence, vote for the radical Democrats. If you want a country that is strong, sovereign, safe, and secure, you must vote for America First Republicans.

If Republicans are poised to take back the House in a "yuge" Red Wave, wouldn't it be better to do it without Never Trump/RINO candidates, even if we lose a few seats?  From Young Kim and David Valadao in California to Liz Cheney in Wyoming to Nancy Mace in South Carolina, let's finally show those RINOs that this is the "America First" MAGA Party!

That message might be getting out even in very blue California.  Recently, the California Republican Assembly (CRA), founded in 1935, held its Orange and San Diego Counties' convention to vote on endorsements.  In the new congressional 40th District, CRA endorsed "America First" MAGA candidate Greg Raths over NeverTrump incumbent Young Kim.

That's a "yuge" endorsement!  MAGA Greg Raths over NeverTrump Young Kim!

As we enter primary season, MAGAs must not be afraid of supporting "America First" MAGA candidates, even if state and county GOPs are fawning over establishment candidates.  As Pauly pointed out:

If the Red Wave nationally is as predicted, this is the best time for true conservatives to take a stand here in California and stop adding to the swamp in Washington D.C.

Let's make this a MAGA Tsunami!

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