Fifteen reasons why no one should vote Democrat this November

I prepared this list to feature some highlights from the last several decades of Democrat party control and behavior that show exactly how much self-delusion will be required to pull any Democrat lever in November.

One: Allowed a historic (on global historical standards) mass migration of "undocumented immigrants" (that is, illegal aliens) from all over the world to enter the U.S. in a chaotic fashion to alter U.S. demographics and tip voting patterns to the left.  The effects on social services to the neediest tier of U.S. citizens will be felt for decades.

Two: Aided and abetted a man-made global warming, Green New Deal agenda/fraud that is cover for the greatest transfer of sovereign wealth in world history (from the U.S. to China), while most recently crippling middle- and lower-class Americans with unaffordable fuel costs.

Three: Engaged in political fraud and miscellaneous criminality on a scale perhaps never seen in American history: Andrew Cuomo; "Rachel" Levine; Anthony Weiner; Chakah Fattah; Jesse Jackson, Jr.; Michael Madigan; Rod Blagojevich; William Jefferson Clinton; and Eric Swalwell, to name only a few.

Four: Sponsored trillion-dollar, monumental spending sprees ("Build Back Better") that engorged the federal debt and spewed out massive inflation that had not been seen in the country for 40 years.  The impact on the standard of living of the lower middle class will be felt for decades.

Five: Infused a racially and politically polarized atmosphere in the country that had not been felt since the late 1960s, right in the shadow of a "person of color" as the U.S. president.

Six: Refused to stop urban violence in the summer of 2020, even as it burned down or incapacitated sections of many American inner cities.  Likewise, refused to incarcerate perpetrators while simultaneously defaming local police forces who were needed to maintain order and protect.

Seven: Spurred on with the help of its MSM mouthpiece, the fraud that was the Trump/Russia collusion polarized the entire country for several years, wasted millions in taxpayer funding (the near senile Robert Muller investigation, e.g.), and kneecapped the Trump administration in international diplomacy.

Eight: Supported the dramatic expansion and weaponization/politicization of the IRS as an American "KGB."

Nine: Colluded with the nefarious hegemons/oligarchs of the U.S. tech industry (Zuckerberg, Gates, Dorsey, Bezos, etc.) to restrict the average citizen's freedom of expression/speech and possibly warp U.S. elections.

Image: Voting (edited) by freepik.

Ten: Refused to pursue the origins of COVID-19 — a disease that killed over a million Americans to date — while pushing the charade that the virus was simply from bats and a Wuhan "wet market," all in the shadow of China's only BSL-4 virus research facility.  And then Democrats colluded with the Americans involved in the virus research that likely engineered COVID-19.

Eleven: Ordered Americans to take an experimental vaccine that turned out to have far less efficacy than advertised while skewering small businesses throughout the U.S. in draconian lockdowns that spelled doom for their profitability and survival.

Twelve: Perpetrated and abetted the fraud of placing a person with obvious dementia and diminished capacity — and a record of selling his office for profit — in the White House.  The effects on U.S. international standing are palpably catastrophic.  Ask any Ukrainian.

Thirteen: Castrated the American oil and gas industry, helping to intensify inflation, eviscerate lower-middle-class savings, and place the world at the mercy of oil-rich despots, as the bankrolling of the Putin War on Ukraine exemplifies.  All this just after the U.S. achieved complete energy independence in 2020.

Fourteen: Devised the tragedy, debacle, and international embarrassment that was the U.S. running out of Afghanistan, leaving behind hundreds of American citizens, billions in military hardware, and 13 needless military casualties.  With the sad reveal of U.S. military leadership, it sent a thumbs-up to dictators worldwide that the window of opportunity was open wide, a realization that likely led to war in Ukraine and could easily lead to a Chinese invasion of Taiwan.

Fifteen: Offered up to our country perhaps the most despicable immediate family member of a sitting U.S. president, ever — i.e., one Hunter Biden.  This week's laptop reveal of him dismissively telling his sister-in-law/mistress to get HIV-tested was the latest low of a truly low life.  The disgrace that is Hunter pales in comparison, however, to that of the MSM, who lied for both him and "the Big Guy" in 2020, keeping Americans uninformed enough that some actually voted for the most amazing crime family ever to reside in the White House — and I thought the Clintons had that sewn up.

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