ExxonMobil seems to have been inspired by Florida’s war on woke Disney

Last week, with Florida’s governor Ron DeSantis leading the charge, the state of Florida took direct aim at the Disney Corporation because of the company’s woke aggression against Florida law and against Florida’s and America’s children. News is out now that, within days of the news about Disney’s loss of self-governing status, ExxonMobil announced that it would no longer fly in front of its corporate office any flags associated with social or political organizations, including the LGBTQ++ or BLM flags. It’s easy to believe that ExxonMobil is sensing a change in the political wind and is returning its corporation to its core business, rather than engaging in woke activism.

In Florida, the trigger for legislative action against Disney was the company’s open declaration that it intended to wage war against Florida for daring to pass a law protecting Florida’s five- through eight-year-olds from LGBTQ++ indoctrination in the classroom. Sensing a corporate entity that had gotten way too big for its britches, Florida withdrew from Disney a self-governing privilege it conferred on the company back in 1967.

Of course, Disney retains its freedom to speak on any subject it wishes. However, it no longer has a unique standing denied to all other corporations in Florida. In Florida, all corporations are now being treated equally when it comes to self-governance within a geographic region.

Some Republicans instantly castigated Florida for withdrawing from Disney a privilege bestowed on it 55 years ago when it appeared that Disney would serve the state of Florida. These Republicans just aren’t bothered that Disney broke that bargain. Instead, they embrace failure whenever possible because that’s their comfort zone.

Image: ExxonMobil flying the pride flag in June 2021. Twitter screen grab.

ExxonMobil, however, seems to have decided that the We-Love-Losing-Republicans do not represent the average American, nor do they represent the conservative legislatures controlling a critical mass of American states. Suddenly, it’s a real concern for corporations that the various tax benefits states have conferred on them aren’t rights, which are inherent in individuals or corporations but are, instead, privileges that can be withdrawn at will. Other states may be exercising that will now that average Americans are realizing realize that the leftist agenda brings with it economic collapse, race hatred, child sexual grooming, open borders, and a host of other sins, both social and economic, that are tearing America apart.

So it was that ExxonMobil announced a policy change that represents a U-Turn from the recent corporate habit of flying huge flags outside corporate headquarters and offices celebrating BLM and LGBTQ++ “pride,” along with myriad and random other leftist causes:

Exxon is banning the LGBTQ pride flag from being flown outside its Houston corporate office during pride month in June.

The company updated guidance on acceptable flags which can be displayed outside offices, which included banning "external position flags," including the pride flag and Black Lives Matter flag, according to the new policy obtained by Bloomberg News.

The rule does permit a flag representing an LGBTQ employees’ group to be flown, but it can't prominently display the Exxon corporate logo, according to the report.

It’s to be hoped that ExxonMobil also stops this kind of Pride Month pandering on the internet:

Activists instantly sounded off about the fact that ExxonMobil was no longer being “supportive” of the LGBTQ++ group. But of course, corporations don’t need to support groups.

Here is what corporations should be doing: Abide by state and local laws (and, one could add, moral principles); treat their employees well regardless of said employees’ race, sex, sexual orientation, “gender identification,” religion, or country of national origin; provide a good product or service; and make money for the shareholders. That’s it. That’s all that corporations should do.

I’m old enough to remember a time when corporations advertised their product, not their politics. That was a saner world and it seems that ExxonMobil has decided that it’s time to return to that world. It’s to be hoped that other corporations— looking at what happened to Disney, and looking at other Red state legislatures that are chomping at the bit to follow suit—climb on board the ExxonMobil bandwagon and also begin focusing on product, not politics.



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