Expect the left to exploit another emergency to avoid midterm defeat

This recent video from Tucker Carlson Tonight features true liberal Naomi Wolf saying what we've all suspected: that the anti-liberty left is going to use a crisis to cheat in the midterm elections.

You have to wonder: why they are making it all too obvious now?  Those of us on the pro-freedom right logically expected the Biden administration to finally give up on the pandemic panic plan for electoral success.  The waning of the crisis made it plain that the emergency was long gone.  A clear majority of Americans say COVID is over: just 9% think the pandemic is a "serious crisis," in a warning to lawmakers planning to bring back mask mandates and restrictions in response to the latest wave.

But then a funny thing happened as the rest of us resumed our normal lives.  While the Biden administration seemed to be all on board with putting pandemic panic theatre behind us, the people in charge were only going along so they could conveniently drop Title 42 and create a new crisis of illegal invaders, flooding in over the border.  So while we thought the emergency was over, they were just lying low to bring it back for the fall election season.   Even perennial camera hog Anthony Fauci did his part by staying out of the spotlight to avoid giving up the game.

Even now, with the humanitarian disaster on its way, they can't resist dropping hints that we may need to wear those useless virus-spreader face masks or get a 4th,5th,6th, etc. booster shot.  National Pravda Radio has been reporting on the exciting prospects for new vaccines and vaccine passports — as long as they can't be used as voter ID.  

In the video, Naomi Wolf makes the point that now that the script for the emergency use of lockdowns has been established, there is no reason to believe they won't try to use the same method to forestall certain defeat in the upcoming midterms:

NAOMI WOLF: 2020 was the story. It launched a narrative and the narrative is you can restrain billions of people, lock them in their homes, inject them against their will, mask them against their will, destroy their economies, suppress all their human rights. But if the narrative said COVID, that was the plausible deniability that you weren't actually just a flat-out fascistic tyrant. So that was just a preamble. And so now Shanghai is the next step.

There's nothing now, with this script in place, to prevent this kind of crackdown lockdown from happening again in American cities, and you're right to worry about the midterms. Given the history of totalitarianism, there's no reason to believe that the midterms, which will deliver a resounding defeat to the Biden administration, are going to be allowed to unfold without an emergency. And if that emergency keeps us all at home, all the better.

We've all suspected that the folks who never let a serious crisis go to waste wouldn't let a minor technicality such as the fact that they muck up everything they've touched get in the way of keeping their power.  After all, they think power is their birthright, and they are "saving the planet," so why shouldn't they shave a few ethical corners?

We can only guess their plans, but you have to consider that they are more than likely going to involve their old favorite crisis: COVID.  Nothing beats that for instilling fear, although this time around, it's going to be a lot harder to get people to fall for it.  They may try ye olde lockdown model, although the scientific evidence shows those are useless in saving lives.  But of course, they only follow science when it suits them.  It might be just a matter of putting in place universal mail-in voting and hoping no one notices that far more votes were received than there are voters.

They could also just play off the fact that they royally screwed up the gas supply and send out reams of ballots to anyone and everyone — coupling that with universal ballot-harvesting so no one has to pay high prices to vote.  You have to figure that these people spend a lot of time trying to game the system and win.  If that means bringing in millions of illegal invaders from around the world, that's a price they're willing to have us pay.  Remember, liberty-grabber leftists automatically convey moral superiority to themselves, so whatever they do to win is perfectly okay.

D. Parker is an engineer, inventor, wordsmith, and student of history.  The director of communications for a Bill of Rights organization and a longtime contributor to conservative websites.  

Image: Tom Arthur via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 2.0.

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