Even prog media not buying the pathetic 'Putin price hike' rhetoric to distract from Bidenflation

Almost everyone in America is getting poorer thanks to the inflationary wave kicked off by Joe Biden taking office and immediately clamping down on energy production, which set off a continuing cycle of price rises to compensate for increased costs.

People filling their gas tanks or buying food already are changing their habits and lowering their standard of living.  The classic question Ronald Reagan asked voters, "Are you better off now...?," has a resounding answer — "No!" — only 14 months into the Biden presidency.  Reagan was running against Jimmy Carter, during whose presidency Americans last had the experience of inflation remotely comparable to what we endure now.

The response of Biden's handlers and mouthpieces has been to blame Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine for the inflation that began when Biden took office more than a year before his troops moved into his neighbor.

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But Jen Paski's rhetoric about the "Putin price hike" isn't finding many takers, even at left-wing outlets like CNN.  Perhaps they realize that people have been buying gasoline and food all throughout 2021 and early 2022 before any war in Ukraine and can recognize propaganda BS when they hear it.

Check out these two clips via Grabien for examples of how even putative allies are not buying the spin.

EISEN: "You can't really put it all on the war and Putin. I get that we've seen sharp spike in energy and food prices since then, but we're seeing rising prices everywhere, and particularly in housing with rents and shelter, in places like apparel that have been rising for the last few months. That's much broader than just what we've seen as a result of the war."

DEESE: "Well, the very large increase in March was driven by a very large increase in energy prices and gas prices, and that is a direct result of Putin's invasion and Russian oil coming off the market."

Here is a twofer from CNN. Lefty Washington Post writer Catherine Rampell:

RAMPELL: "The increase in prices obviously long predates the war. We've been seeing inflation rise for most of the past year. In fact, for the last six months, inflation has been above the Fed's average target of two percent, so this is not just about the war. This is about persistent supply chain problems, and it's about the fact that demand is really, really strong, in part because of policy choices that we've made."

Photo credit: Grabien screen grab.

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