DHS sec Mayorkas announces Orwellian 'Disinformation Governance Board' with a leader who dismissed Hunter's laptop as disinformation

What could better epitomize the dystopian nature of a governmental organ called the  "Disinformation Governance Board" than putting it under the command of a bureaucrat who questioned the validity of Hunter Biden's laptop, calling it "a Trump campaign product," and who served as an adviser to the corrupt Ukrainian regime?

Bradford Betz reports for Fox News:

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas testified Wednesday that the Department of Homeland Security is creating a "Disinformation Governance Board" to combat misinformation ahead of the 2022 midterms. (snip)

YouTube screen grab.

Hours later, Politico reported that Nina Jankowicz, who previously served as a disinformation fellow at the Wilson Center, will head the board as executive director. 

Katelyn Caralle of the U.K. Daily Mail adds:

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas did not disclose any powers that would be granted to the dystopian-sounding board while addressing lawmakers on Wednesday.

He explained that the board would work to tackle disinformation ahead of the November midterms, particularly in Hispanic communities. 

But Mayorkas did say that the new board would come under the Biden-era Center for Prevention Programs and Partnerships (CP3), meaning it would have no powers to crack down on disinformation and will instead try to combat it by throwing money at what it sees as problems. (snip)

The Russia disinformation expert previously called the laptop of President Joe Biden's son Hunter a 'Trump campaign product. (snip)

Jankowicz also suggested last week that she opposes the The First Amendment because she thinks it is bad for 'marginalized communities' and called Elon Musk a 'free speech absolutist' because he wants to make Twitter more open to all voices.

Sounds like a taxpayer-funded propaganda organ directed at a key constituency the Democrats fear losing.

There are other problems with her as well:

Hannah Nightingale of The Post Millennial:

Jankowicz has previously said that she was concerned that Twitter had determined early in 2022 to stop limiting speech from users about the 2020 presidential election, saying that "considering the long-term damage these lies do to our democracy," she was "dismayed about this decision."

Her view about elections, whether foreign or domestic, are that they "aren't an end point," but are "an inflection point," and that the policies of social media companies as regards free speech "need to reflect that." (snip)

Jankowicz also does not appear to be a fan of free speech, saying that setting up free speech in opposition to censorship is "a false dichotomy."

Ace, as usual, minces no words:

Nina Jankowicz, who will be chief executive of the Orwellian "Disinformation Governance Board" being run by our nation's internal security police, is an angry GamerGate Millennial feminist troll.

Nina Jankowicz

Apr 25 Men "burst violently into your mentions and your life like the Kool-aid man, demanding your attention, hawking opinions that they believe are unarguably, manifestly correct and indispensable."

A taxonomy of trolls, excerpted from #HowToBeAWomanOnline:

Glad to hear that the nation's new official arbiter of what speech is permissible values men's opinions so highly.

Biden just appointed a ditzy twentysomething Anita Sarkeesian Acolyte to be the country's Chief of the Censorship Police.

This ditzy little dummy Millennial, who writes silly little "The Idiot's Guide to Online Feminism" pamphlets, is now in charge of the Department of Homeland Security's Censorship Board?

Are you f------ serious?

Audiobook sample here: "To be a woman online is an inherently dangerous act..."

This shrieking little hysteric, who openly despises men and writes that all men online are inherently threatening and assaultive, is now dictating the nation's censorship policies.

It's almost as if a master satirist like Mel Brooks is writing the script here.  Except it is deadly serious.

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