Despite calls to resolve income disparity, Biden and Harris donate very little to charity

Last week, Fox News carried a report about the charitable donations made by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in 2021.

It was revealed that Joe and Jill Biden reported $610,702 in income for 2021, and paid $183,925 in federal and state income taxes. They donated $17,394 to charity -- i.e., roughly 2.8%.

Kamala Harris and her husband Doug Emhoff earned $1,655,563 in 2021 and paid $523,371 in federal income taxes. They donated $22,100 to charity i.e., roughly 1.3%.

According to 2016 data from the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center, American families making between $500,000 and $2 million donate around 3.1% of their earnings.

Hence, the Bidens paid 0.3% less than the average charitable deduction; for the Harrises, it was a significant 1.8% less than the average charitable deduction for Americans.

How much an individual donates to charity is strictly their personal affair. The spending habits of individuals, even public figures, should be no concern of any third party, unless the pursuits are illegal. In a free society, people must be allowed to spend as they desire. They can splash all their money on the luxuries of life or donate copiously to charity. 

The sole reason that the scant charitable donations from the Bidens and Harrises deserve scrutiny is to verify if they follow the principles they relentlessly advocate.

Both Harris and Biden have complained that the rich do not pay their fair share.

The Biden administration claimed that lessening the disparity in income between the wealthiest and the rest of the populace has been among its top priorities. They prescribed two solutions: The first was to heavily tax the wealthiest within the U.S. The second was to provide welfare payments to regular people via their $1.9 trillion relief package.

Do they not realize that if the rich are taxed heavily, they will have no incentive to invest in U.S. companies? They will merely transfer their businesses and finances to business-friendly countries. The result is higher unemployment within the U.S. This has been happening for ages with manufacturing jobs being shipped abroad.

Providing welfare benefits to the needy is worthy, e.g., a single mother who is in poor health deserves government support to feed her family. However, if the government pays able-bodied people just because they are from a specific income bracket, there is no incentive to work. The workforce is reduced and businesses, especially small businesses, struggle.

The only way to reduce income inequality is to remove gratuitous regulations and reduce taxes. This causes investors to have more money to invest in businesses, resulting in job creation. It causes consumers to have more money to spend. This is exactly what President Trump did and he caused enrichment and empowerment of groups from all demographics. It even enriched the government i.e. the prosperity increased the number of taxpayers which is infinitely better than extracting more from a small group of taxpayers.

Tackling income inequality has been a Democrat idea since the 60s, perhaps even before that. In 1963, President Kennedy initiated planning for what became the “War on Poverty” to resolve income inequality. Subsequent Democrat Presidents such as Johnson, Carter, Obama, and now Biden frequently talk about this need to lessen the gap between incomes.

Back in the 1990s, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher exposed the mindset of the left when its denizens talk about income disparity.

The Democrats could have been excused if they were sincere. But like all Democrat utterances, these are empty words; virtue signaling to feign concern for the less fortunate. The Democrat base is not, as they would like you to think, lower-income individuals, it is in fact the very wealthy from Corporate America, Big Tech, and Showbiz. 

This explains why most Democrat pet issues have nothing to do with the empowerment or upliftment of regular people and lessening the income gaps.

Open borders cause an influx of illegal immigrants who often work for very low wages and no benefits. The beneficiaries are big businesses that need cheap seasonal fruit pickers in their orchards. Regular working citizens are either rendered unemployed or suffer a depression in wages. 

What about climate change or Obamacare? The result of overregulation or government-mandated insurance is small businesses have to waste their capital to meet gratuitous standards rather than invest in growth and adding more employees. The result is their profits either dwindle or they cannot sustain themselves and shut down causing unemployment. Who benefits, from this? Big businesses, which can afford to survive despite over-regulations.

What about law and order? Violence due to Democrat misgovernance or calls for defunding the police cause instability. The result is existing businesses are destroyed and investors refrain from investing in local businesses. When a small business shuts down, it causes local unemployment. The customer base is transferred to big businesses.  

The draconian lockdowns for prolonged periods of time hurt regular people. Small businesses suffer losses and could be compelled to close forever. The Democrats in government who made these lockdown rules and the Democrats in media who promote these rules have the luxury of working from home. Big businesses can also tolerate losses. 

The vaccine mandates also have compelled regular people to quit their jobs causing strain on small businesses.

Hence, contrary to their claim, every item on the Democrat agenda causes losses for small businesses and unemployment for the working class. The result is income inequality.

This has prompted people to wonder if it is all purposeful -- to create a permanent underclass and Democrat voting bank.

To return to the Biden and Harris matter: If they really want the rich to pay their 'fair share,' they could have become the change they claim to want and donated a significant portion of their income and savings. This would have brought them closer to regular Americans. 

Despite never making any tall claims to virtue, it was  President Donald Trump who donated his salary to various initiatives of national significance. The first $100,000 went to the National Park Service. Subsequently, he donated to various federal departments. Trump donated the last two-quarters of his 2019 salary and the first quarter of his 2020 salary to the Department of Health and Human Service specifically for COVID-19 and the U.S. opioid crisis.

The real goal behind this relentless Democrat talk about inequality is to cause class warfare that results in resentment, bitterness, and jealousy which they direct at Republicans. 

Vilifying the rich and talking about punishing taxes is their way of making people vote on Schadenfreude, i.e., some Democrat voters may derive pleasure from the thought that the rich will suffer. In reality, nothing of the kind occurs because the Democrats are the party of the super-rich donors.

Biden and Harris’s paltry charity donations should be another wake-up call for voters regarding Democrat hypocrisy. Judge them solely by what they do, not by what they claim, and vote them out.

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