'Democracy' advocate Jen Rubin spews out her loathing for American democracy

The NeverTrump fever swamps are fetid with hypocrisy, but I never realized things had gotten so bad until I paid a visit to queen-bee NeverTrumpist Jen Rubin to take in her rabid loathing for the American people.

Here's her series of tweets on the Senate confirmation vote for far-left Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court — I highlighted the doozy among them in yellow:

"Imagine knowing she is perfectly qualified and this is historic but you have to vote no or the nuts will drum you out of office. The smallness, spineless if these little people all at their desks ... remarkable moment in history."

Drum you out?  That's called "voting," Jen.  As in voting in free and fair democratic elections — you know, the kind the Iraqi people were said to be so eager for. 

As Jen gushed about the whole thing, the fact remains that Jackson passed her Supreme Court test by only the narrowest of margins, with three Republican outliers.

That's because Jackson is problematic, not because of her skin color, but because of her far-left positions.  The "historic" of her appointment is historic only because sleazy then-senator Joe Biden filibustered another black female candidate for the Court years earlier, artificially keeping a black woman off the Court for decades because of her non-far-left positions.

Rubin crows about the "historic" in her appointment, but to conservatives, Jackson is "historic" only in the fact that she's a far-left extremist of no fairness whatsoever and the first friend-of-baby-molesters, porno perverts, and Gitmo terrorists to get a seat on the High Court.  You already know how she will rule before she makes any rulings.

Now let's take a look at Rubin's Twitter masthead:

Two Ukraine flags, given that one did not seem to be enough.  The usual neocon calls for war on that unprepared country's behalf.  The flags signal typical found-patriotism of the far left, given their abhorrence for the American flag.  Oh, and a book to shill, one whose title is designed to appeal to the identity politics of the leftist buyer.  It figures.

Worst of all, though, is the phony claim about being "pro-democracy."  Seems she likes democracy, but not if the American people have it, because they don't vote the way she likes.  She's pro-democracy, the way Vlad Putin is pro-Ukraine — she champions it, but only it if her side wins and the opposition is liquidated.  That's not democracy; that's one-party state garbage with a side of propaganda thrown in.  Rubin's statement dismissing half or more than half of the electorate as "nuts" when the vote doesn't go her way is the opposite of democracy.

This person hates democracy.

Hypocrite much, Jen?

Image: Twitter screen shot.

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