Could the NY subway attack have been prevented with a mindset change in social media?

Many have questioned social media giants for not alerting authorities about N.Y. subway train shooter Frank James's disturbing online behavior.

James detonated smoke bombs and opened fire in a packed subway train in Brooklyn during rush hour.  Over two dozen people were wounded.  Fortunately, there were no deaths because James's gun jammed.

Following a 30-hour manhunt, James was apprehended.  The police say James will be charged on several counts, including the violation of a federal law that prohibits "violent attacks" against mass transit systems.  James had nine prior arrests for larceny, disorderly conduct, and criminal sex acts.  If found guilty, James faces life in prison

James had a significant social media presence, appearing in myriad YouTube videos.

In one video, James says, "the White MFers that I want to kill, you know, I really want to kill them because they're White."  Pretty direct about his feelings on that.

In another, James claimed that "the vast majority of people, MFers, are racist."  He also expressed disgust that Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson's husband is a White man.

On Facebook, James posted a meme with the caption "Oh Black Jesus, please kill all whiteys."

So how have the mainstream media covered this?

CNN covered it as follows:

Many of the videos that James uploaded to a YouTube channel included references to violence, including at a set group of people he believed had maligned him, in addition to broad societal and racial groups that he appeared to hate."

But CNN isn't explicit about the group of people being targeted.

NBC covered it as follows:

James' posts date to 2016. He has used slurs, denigrated women, and made racist comments — some of them against Black people.

Since some of the racist comments were against black people, NBC should have mentioned the remaining groups being targeted.  But it didn't.

MSNBC covered it as follows:

James' online presence reportedly documented multiple instances of unhinged hate and racism alongside videos seemingly about the difficulties he had trying to receive New York City social services.

MSNBC refrains from mentioning the targets of James's racism.

The N.Y. Times mentions "harshly bigoted views" and "videos delivering extended tirades, many of them overtly concerned with race and violence, often tying those subjects in with current events."

The NYT doesn't mention the targets of James's bigotry.

The Washington Post states the following:

Social media accounts appearing to belong to James offered a portrait of a man who had ranted and cursed in videos.

An FBI agent in a complaint wrote that in his YouTube videos, James said that he "should have gotten a gun, and just started shooting MFers."

The Post once again no mention of whom Frank wanted to shoot and whom he ranted against on YouTube.

CBS News mentions online "grievances" but nothing more.  Politico and ABC News exclude mention of his online presence.

Only Fox News and the N.Y. Post explicitly mentioned the contents of James' racist messages.

In the coming days, don't be stunned if a media pundit compares James to President Trump, with the usual allegations of misogyny and racism, though the race that James despises will not be mentioned.

The Oxford dictionary defines racism as "unfair treatment of people who belong to a different race; violent behavior towards them."

However, in modern liberalism, racism or bigotry is recognized only when an individual from the demographic majority targets someone from the demographic minority.  

It is therefore racist only when a White person targets a non-white person.  Their current narrative is that Trump and his supporters are the only forces of bigotry in the U.S.  The need to confront White supremacy is a dog whistle for silencing political opposition.

However, when a Black man rants against Caucasians, it is not even worth mentioning because it doesn't fit the narrative.  In fact, calling out racism in non-white people will probably be termed racist.  Liberals and their BLM allies may even claim that slavery, segregation, and Trump's presence justify non-white people being racist toward Caucasians.

This explains the shameful exclusion of James's racism by the mainstream media.  Since the media are a propaganda arm for modern progressivism, their coverage is the barometer for the liberal mindset.

In fact, James's ideas are quite similar to those of commentators on MSNBC, CNN, NYT, etc.  It is just that James acted upon his idea, whereas handsomely paid pundits and columnists return to their luxury homes after spewing venom on TV.

It is likely that the woke overlords at Big Tech hesitated to flag James's videos and post because they simply don't regard targeting White people as racism and fear being called racist. 

This mindset prevails among the leadership in Washington, including Biden, Harris, and Pelosi.  They frequently talk about confronting White supremacy; when the January 6 protests went overboard, the movement was called an insurrection by White supremacists.  But BLM-led looting and riots were encouraged and termed peaceful protests.  

Perhaps investigative agencies, who are supposed to be monitoring social media hate, think anti-white bigotry is not racism and are fearful of being called a racist for acting against the non-white persons such as James who post anti-White content.

How would they have reacted if James were a Caucasian man spewing hate against non-white people?

He would have been summarily apprehended, and news about him would be blared across the media.  We only have to look at the vicious treatment meted against the January 6 protesters and the Covington kids to know that.

The question is, where does this insanity stop?

Some will remember the 2017 bombing at a concert in the U.K.  Twenty-two people were killed and numerous others injured when an Islamist terrorist detonated a bomb.

During a recent inquiry, a security guard revealed that he had had a "bad feeling" about the suicide bomber, who dressed all in black and carried a large rucksack.  But since the bomber was a non-white person, he did not approach or report him for the fear of being branded a racist.  The guard is probably not wrong.  If his suspicions had indeed turned out to be wrong, he would have lost his job and been rendered unemployable for "targeting" a non-white person.

This narrative is no longer idle talk at a university faculty lounge.

Mayhem and violence could have been stopped but for the fear of disrupting the narrative and being called a racist.

Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream of a colorblind world where people will be judged not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

This thinking desperately needs to be encouraged and applied everywhere.  Bigotry is bigotry, irrespective of who the perpetrator is and what the targets are.  Bombs and bullets kill irrespective of the race of the individual controlling them.  A loss of life or an injury is the same irrespective of the race of the killer who caused the incident.

It may seem like stating the obvious, but in times of universal deceit, stating the truth is an essential revolutionary act.

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