Commemorating Lent by fasting from 'whiteness'

The First United Church of Oak Park is on a mission to end "racism, injustice, and violence," and the strategy is exactly what you'd expect from ideologues of the American left: more racism and hypocrisy.

Under the leadership of Reverend John Edgerton, the congregation has been "fasting from 'whiteness'" in observance of Lent.  According to the official press release:

Justice must be loved into existence. It is the only way. White people absolutely have a place in the redemption story. White people were even at the foot of the cross: they were the Roman guards. As white people we must love our Redeemer enough to put down our spears. We must love our redeemer more than our whiteness, and kneel before our redeemer who is a dark-skinned man from the poor parts of town.

In the modern political environment, racism is a prominent lens through which the Left views the culture and country, so it comes as no surprise that Edgerton's statement is full of actual racism, making blanket (and false) generalizations about people based on their skin color.  As history shows, the Roman soldiers at "the foot of the cross" participated in an egregious miscarriage of justice: an innocent man was put to death.  For Edgerton to relegate the role of "white people" to that of a brutal oppressor is racist.  But as a reverend, he is a learned man, and he knows the tenets of Robin DiAngelo well, so his obsession with melanin goes on ad nauseam.

By now, Americans who still possess the ability to think are accustomed to living in a society of absurdity that accompanies modern liberalism, but the effrontery is as outrageous as ever.  Abstaining from "whiteness" is an effort to "lift up the voices of Black People, Indigenous People and People of Color," but only as long as those people aren't conservatives, or getting in the way of "reproductive justice."

Would this church allow Thomas Sowell a platform to amplify his voice?  Or perhaps Clarence Thomas?  I sincerely doubt it.

And surely the church isn't interested in lifting up the voices of the Black children in the womb slated for execution at the hands of an abortionist, right?  The ultimate metric of righteousness is "reproductive justice," not objective justice.

Oft attributed to Lenin, the term "useful idiot" precisely describes the role of Americans like Edgerton: pawns in a cultural revolution.  Negligent in their role as Americans to preserve liberty and faithfully steward truth and justice, they remain crippled by their woke ideologies.

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