Can anyone spot the hypocrisy as progs fight for special tax status for Disney?

Democrats are fighting to destroy all fossil fuel companies in the U.S., which harms all of us, especially the poor.

They seek to destroy for-profit colleges.

They rail against the rich and big corporations

But they are somehow outraged that anyone would threaten to take away special tax breaks from Disney, which owns ABC, because Florida doesn't want first- to third-graders taught about gender, which most Americans don't want, either.

Via Breitbart: Radical Left Goes Bonkers After Florida Votes to Eliminate Woke Disney’s Special Tax District

Huffington Post writer, Ann Brenoff, stated Disney should uproot its 25,000-acre theme park complex in Florida and move it elsewhere.

This is what passes for governance in #Florida. #Disney should move out and take those jobs with them.

— Ann Brenoff (@AnnBrenoff) April 21, 2022

Ashton Pittman, Mississippi Free Press writer, said the termination moved forward because Disney “dared” to criticize the state’s “hateful law attacking LGBTQ kids.”

Florida Republicans just passed a bill to punish Walt Disney World because the company dared criticized their openly hateful law attacking LGBTQ kids.

— Ashton Pittman 🌻🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ (@ashtonpittman) April 21, 2022


Judd Legum, who writes “Popular Information” and is “dedicated to accountability journalism,” said the Republicans are abusing power. Florida Republicans control the House, Senate, and governorship.

I wonder if any other states would be interested in the tourism revenue from Disney World...

— Craig Beilinson (@cbeilinson) April 21, 2022

Many more examples at Breitbart.

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