Brooklyn's Jewish rapper takes on Russia and Ukraine

As Russia's unprovoked invasion of Ukraine stretches into its second month, Volodymyr Zelensky's heroic leadership is inspiring countless influencers and artists across the world. Ukrainian models and influencers flood their social media with war memes and tributes to Zelensky and Ukraine's surprisingly strong military. One unique artist lending his talents to Ukraine's cause from the other side of the world is Bekay.

Bekay is Brooklyn's white Jewish rapper, aka #WHITEMAMBA, who has worked with some of the music world's heavyweights including Masta Ace, Marco Polo, and DJ Revolution, among many others, and was one of the last to collaborate with Ol' Dirty Bastard, on "Where Brooklyn At?"  Bekay has been all over New York's commercial and underground radio over the years, making his mark as he goes.

Now he's making his mark on the war and the times and stupidity that spawned it in his brilliant new cut, "War in Review."

In this blistering track, Bekay destroys Vladimir Putin as a "psycho" with nukes bent on subjugating Ukraine and dominating the world.  He doesn't stop there.  After riffing on COVID and sliding into Putin's war, Bekay notes, "You can't social distance a bomb."  He also rips NATO for staying on the sidelines while Zelensky, Ukraine's Jewish president, is compared to the first-century Jews who held out against Rome.  He also rips Joe Biden and Europe for buying Russian oil during the war, financing Putin's war machine. 

Bekay also takes aim at the story the mainstream media relentlessly covered up from 2020 until this year: Hunter Biden and his corrupt deals with China and his connections to the war in Ukraine.  Bekay's treatment of the president's drug-addict, stripper-impregnating son, who used his connections to score millions for the Biden crime family, is...deserved.  You'll have to listen to fully appreciate and enjoy it.

"War in Review" also looks forward to what's likely to happen if the U.S. and Europe allow Ukraine to fall: "If we let this go then Taiwan is next."

Just so we're clear on the consequences of this: What happens over there will definitely affect you wherever you are.  Taiwan makes about 90% of the advanced computer chips we use and about 60 to 65% of the world's computer chips overall.  Eastern and southern Ukraine supply about 90% of the neon the US uses in computer chips.  If Russia captures Ukraine, and then China captures Taiwan, there goes freedom for millions, and those two dictatorships can bring the world to its technological knees.  As long as Europe buys Russian oil and gas, Putin can strangle the Europeans whenever he feels like it.  Don't think for a second that Putin and Xi wouldn't do it.

As raps go, Bekay's "War" shows a better understanding of the world than anything Joe Biden or any of CNN's talking heads have ever said.  He manages to squeeze in the perilous state of life in Biden's America in 2022 without ever taking his foot off the gas.  Speaking of which, Bekay raps on why you're paying so much at the pump, too, in one of the most hilarious lines of the song. 

Barack Obama once famously said, "Don't underestimate Joe's ability to f--- things up."  Millions of Americans did underestimate that, and maybe you're one of them, who voted for Biden thinking he would just make everything normal again.  The centrist that millions bought into isn't the president they got, and the world is aflame, with Biden and his extremist handlers either igniting or fostering disaster after disaster and laughing at you while the world burns. 

Put Bekay's "War in Review" on your playlist from now to the midterms.  It will make you laugh, make you angry, make you think, and motivate you to vote Biden and his radical bums out of power. 

A.J. Rice is the author of the upcoming book The Woking Dead: How Society's Vogue Virus Destroys Our Culture.  He serves as CEO of Publius PR, a premier communications firm in Washington, D.C. 

Image: Bekay via YouTube.

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