Blackmail Biden? No way

Rumor has it that there is a laptop out there containing some data that could be considered incriminating to Joseph R. Biden, Jr. (D-Geritol), POTUS*.

Assuming that this is true, then what?  (Full disclosure: I believe that it is true.)  

Many bits have been expended and much ink spilled telling of the dire repercussions of these data.  More specifically, it is said, foreign powers have copies of said data in their possession and will use them to blackmail Poseur Biden (D-Alzheimer) to do their bidding.  


Why on Earth would any enemy of the USA interfere with Biden's currently implemented downhill plan for the USA?  What would anyone want him to do differently by blackmailing?  Maybe:  

  • Wreck the economy (here)  
  • Worsen inflation (here)  
  • Make us energy dependent (here)  
  • Cheat at elections (see 2020)  
  • Downsize, weaken, feminize (I am a biologist) our military (here)  
  • Open our borders to illegal aliens (here)  
  • Withdraw from Afghanistan, leaving U.S. citizens, equipment, and Bagram Air Base behind (here)  
  • Fan the flames of racial hatred (here)  
  • Eliminate women (and men) (here)  
  • Allow crime to rampage and go unpunished (see the Democratic Paradises of Chicago, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, NYC, Baltimore, there are more...)  
  • Hold political prisoners (here)  
  • Skew "justice" in favor of some and against others (compare Jan 06, 2021 with the summer of 2020)  
  • Support criminal elements over the law enforcers (here)  
  • Sterilize kids (here)  
  • Federalize elections, effectively disenfranchising broad segments of the population (here)  
  • Defund the military (here)  
  • Facilitate the killing of citizens by illicit drugging (here)  
  • And on and on  

Too late.  All done already.  

A foreign power would have to be dumb as a Democrat to interfere.  

When your enemy is making unforced errors, let him.  There are times when it is best to sit back and shut up.  

Nope, no one outside the USA is going to blackmail Biden.  He is already doing what any enemy would have had him do.  

Any value to the laptop and its hard drive will have to be generated internal to the U.S. — e.g., to impeach, to jail, to imprison, to otherwise punish POTUS* (D-Depends) and his facilitators.  

So relax.  No blackmail is coming from foreigners.  

Although the Dems may use it to get him to leave office.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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