Black Lives Matter and the story of the Exodus

As I walk around my neighborhood, I can't help but notice the plethora of "Black Lives Matter" signs in people's front yards.  My pedestrian mind eventually thought of Passover...and how the Hebrew people marked their doorways with lamb's blood to repel the Angel of Death who was sent to kill the Egyptian's firstborn. 

Is history repeating itself?  Well...not exactly.  But, I suspect, there may be a similar motive...insofar as avoiding harm could be the reason for such conspicuous advocacy of the BLM movement.  In today's world, political intimidation is real, and conformity with leftist orthodoxy is being ever more strenuously enforced...especially here in the Bay Area.  A friend gave me a "Make America Great Again" ball cap that I never wear in public.

Beneath all these efforts to be inconspicuous, resentment is brewing.  External forces such as pandemic-inspired tyranny plus inflation and other erosions of our standard of living are fueling resistance to many forms of authority.  Add to these the love of freedom that is an internal aspect of human nature.  Eyes are on this year's midterm election.  Polling is foreshadowing Democrat doom...but six months is still an eternity in politics.

Despite indications that their prospects are diminishing, Democrat leftists appear to be doubling down on imposing their agenda.  I suspect that this may be happening because they realize their grasp on power is slipping away.  Reaction to such agenda items as sex ed for kindergarten through 3rd grade and CRT for all grades is likely to further damage their brand.

Image: Black Lives Matter sign in Portland, Oregon by Another Believer.  CC BY-SA 4.0.

Just about everything is being politicized.  Why?  The best I can offer is that the left has an insatiable desire for control.  Not just control over such things as rush hour traffic...but control over what we eat and drink, what we use to navigate rush hour traffic, and even what we get to safely say in public...and private.  The list is obviously longer...but I think the point has been made.

The predicate to the Passover story is that the ancient Hebrews* wandered into Egypt to better survive a famine.  Subsequently, they were enslaved and, eventually, with the help of God, escaped from bondage.

Meanwhile, in 2022, Black Lives Matter exploits America's persistent guilt over the slavery that was abolished here over 150 years tremendous cost in human lives.  Of course, some inter-racial tension persists...but this is largely because of its value to inner-city demagogues. 

True, there will always be demagogues...but they don't always have to be so dominant and immune to criticism.  They are currently flourishing because the tactic is effective at achieving political success.  This year, we may witness a turning point...fingers crossed.

This time of the year, early spring, reveals a special connection between Jews and Christians.  Jesus's last supper was a Passover seder.  Both Passover and Easter run reasonably concurrently, being linked to the vernal equinox and the phases of the moon.

Black Lives Matter has no season...and no real purpose, other than the aggrandizement of its leadership.  Typical of demagogues.


*The Hebrew people were not known as "Jews" until they occupied Judea. The word "Hebrew" means "wanderer" because they were, like the Bedouin, pastoral nomads.

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