Black Americans commemorating Confederate history

In the small town of Livingston, Tennessee, Mayor Curtis Hayes recently signed a citywide proclamation declaring April 2022 as "Confederate History Month."  According to the county news website, Hayes's intention was to serve as an impetus to "all citizens to avail themselves of the opportunities to increase their knowledge of this important era of Tennessee's history."  A striking photo op to disrupt the left's narrative and modus operandi of revisionist history, Hayes, a Black American, signed the proclamation with some of his townsfolk behind him — white descendents of Confederate military members.

In a time of absolute historical and intellectual illiteracy, mobs of "misinformed lawless miscreants" who are "wet behind the ears with a sledgehammer" demand the destruction of monuments honoring the Confederate greats.  Fledglings of modern academia, well educated in the tenets of Marx and Engels, and imitating the Ministry of Truth, are altering history while being wholly ignorant of it, smearing the character of distinguished Americans.  As Orwell puts it: "Every record of everything you had ever done was wiped out, your one-time existence was denied and then forgotten.  You were abolished, annihilated: vaporized was the usual word."

Empowered by their indoctrination, these degenerate misfits decry the "racism" of the Confederacy and perpetuate the lie that the American Civil War was solely a war over slavery, eventually settling on assuming the roles of arbiters of social and racial "justice."  Operating within this context, they take after spoiled children, throwing tantrums to get what they want: the erasure of history.  They even developed the Orwellian phrase "Unsay Their Names."  These statues paid homage to racial bigotry, so they became the "people who stand up against monuments to White supremacy."

So if the character of the Confederacy was purely racist, why would a Black American acknowledge the importance of its heritage and history?

Because history is just that: history.  The "noble dream" of any honest historian is objectivity — simply reporting the events that occurred and acknowledging both the good and the bad.  Revisionist history is not history.  It is a mockery of the historical pursuit, a sad attempt to push an agenda for a political purpose.  Hayes is an admirable American compatriot, placing his national identity before the hysterical demands of "uneducable twenty-year-olds."

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