An election went well in Europe, and George Soros is not happy

The E.U. is corrupt, tyrannical, autocratic, and undemocratic.  It expresses the very characteristics of which it has accused Hungary, Poland, and its leaders.

On the take, bribed, spiteful, woke, and unjust, the E.U. has come unhinged after their plans to dominate Hungary's people failed after the elections of March 3.

One of the key players aligned against Hungary is the billionaire oligarch George Soros, who backs a well-funded web of NGOs, media, and lobbyists.  Uncle "Gyuri" has been clear about his desire to punish Hungary using the E.U.'s sanctions mechanism: "I call on the EU to make Hungary a test case."

Hungary's two sins?

  1. Hungarians want Soros to harass some other people.
  2. Exercising democracy.

Globalists have proven themselves repeatedly to be authoritarian tyrants, unhesitatingly purveying propaganda to justify their positions. Soon after Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban won a landslide victory (his fifth), the EU frothed with rage. As the EU is unhappy with the election results, it is preparing to sanction Hungary. 

Yes, sanction Hungary over a democratically held election[.]

The E.U. called Hungary's unwillingness to take a knee "Rule of Law breaches" — laws made up on the fly, with advance knowledge that Hungary has no way not to breach them.  Take the E.U.'s objections to the 92% results of a referendum — direct democracy and the will of its people — that ends the sexual indoctrination of its children by the selfsame E.U.'s chosen pedophiles.  Ninety-two percent of the people chose how they are to be governed.  The E.U.'s bureaucrats agree that the Dutch P.M. who rules another nation should decide the outcome of Hungary's elections.

"As far as I am concerned, then there is nothing left for them in the EU," Rutte said.

"The goal is to force Hungary to its knees regarding this issue. They have to understand that they are either part of the European Union and the community of shared values we are," Rutte added, Euronews reports.

To the best of my knowledge, there are no "shared European values" promoting the teaching of transgenderism and homosexuality to non-consensual, pre-sexual activity children.

Just two days after Viktor Orbán's internationally supervised electoral triumph, George Soros's paid off and miffed E.U. puppets, the European Parliament, and its court, which had bet on a different outcome, announced that the E.U. would impoverish Hungary by withholding E40 billion in COVID relief and reconstruction funding.  The Hungarian nation was entitled to these by virtue of its having contributed its part to the E.U.'s wealth.

Hungary participates in the euro economy and gives more than it gets.  The 40 billion is Hungary's money.

The E.U. has learned nothing from Brexit.

Hungary has.

Brussels will pay a price for trying to queer Hungary's children, the movement headed by the intolerant queer Dutch P.M. and his "greens."  The E.U. will fail to replace Hungary's churches and synagogues with mosques, and Hungary's population with Syrian Muslims.

Listen up, E.U.: Hungary has never taken a knee and never will!

Hungary was destroyed in two wars in the 20th century.  It is not willing to be destroyed again.  Hungarians fought off two Ottoman wars and refused to be subjugated.

Hungary will remain neutral in Ukraine to avoid a bigger penalty than the E.U.'s.  Being laid to waste and rubble in a new war right next door is the bigger penalty.

Whereas in other E.U. nations women are regularly being molested and raped, Jews spat on, beaten, and killed, and their property vandalized, Jews in Hungary are safe.

Hungary remains neutral in the Ukrainian conflict.  There is the potential of Russian genocide against the 200,000 ethnic Hungarians in Transcarpathian Ukraine, a situation that is unique to Hungary.

Maybe the Dutch P.M., who wants to "queer Hungary's children" can take that chance with his own, but Hungary will not.

By holding up forty billion euros in COVID and reconstruction funds, the E.U. has been extorting the Hungarian people to vote for the E.U.-approved candidate or deprive Hungary of infrastructure, roads and bridges, hospitals, medical care, food, and schools.  The money owed is not welfare payments, as the E.U. publicized it.  Participation payments for Hungary are after wealth transfers to the E.U. that Hungary made in commerce — far more in benefits than the E.U. returns to Hungary.

The welfare of children is more important to Hungary's parents than the perverse desires of deviants, freaks, pedophiles — and gay Dutch prime ministers.  Orbán intends to stop these degenerates at the school door who would groom Hungary's children.

The E.U.'s sexual fluidity mental illness will cost NATO, too, because Hungarians are not kneeling in their sandbox, either.  Hungarians who must hate Viktor Orbán (according to the global media) have voted again, for the fifth time, in the fifth landslide election, to reinstate their dictator, tyrant, and autocrat.

If the E.U. or NATO weakened eventually, they would only have themselves to blame.  After all, that is exactly what the Kremlin wanted all along — a weak NATO that won't stand up to Russia.

Remember, Hungary didn't take a knee to the Russians in 1956, either.

No nation will allow the extortion of its people by the unelected bureaucrats of Brussels.  For years, the Soros-bought E.U. has waged war against Hungary's democracy, independence, economy, currency, media, citizens, history, legacy, security, and culture.

Their games have just ended — just not in the E.U.'s favor.

Image: World Economic Forum via Flickr, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

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