Amazon's staffers have a mental break over Matt Walsh's children's book

Matt Walsh wrote a children's book called Johnny the Walrus, which gently challenges the movement to take imaginative, curious children and label them as "transgendered."  In response to the book's raging success on the Amazon platform, Amazon apparently sponsored a meeting for traumatized employees.  As I say with increasing frequency, it would take a heart of stone not to laugh at the video.

First, here is Johnny the Walrus, as read by the author:

Briefly, an imaginative child pretends to be a walrus, and, when his mother posts the picture on social media, the pressure begins that he is a real walrus, who needs recognition and surgery.  Fortunately, Johnny and his mommy figure out that pretend is pretend.

When Walsh put the book on Twitter, he accurately labeled it an "LGBT" book.  It rocketed to the top of the charts (allowing Walsh to identify himself as a bestselling LGBT author).  When the mob protested, Amazon reassigned the book to the "Humor" category — although it continues to sell it.  It is a #1 bestseller.

Amazon's Stalinists want the book gone.  We see that in a video from what is, apparently, an Amazon leadership session for employees traumatized by the book and Amazon's role in selling it.  The meeting is hosted by a transvestite man and a bearded, actual man who describes the horrors Walsh's book inspires.

In the first video, the bearded man explains that Walsh's book has been "a very traumatic experience for transgender Amazonians."  Beginning at about 1:15, the people conducting the session play what is allegedly a customer phone call about the horror that is the book.  According to the customer, Walsh's book "is teaching kids to kill, well to bully transgenders.  Yeah, to, to bully them into committing suicide."  Somehow, I entirely missed that part in the book.

In the second video, both speakers bemoan the fact that Amazon is still selling Johnny the Walrus.  They also attack Walsh's newest book, What is a Woman? One Man's Journey to Answer the Question of a Generation, which is paired with a documentary movie.  In addition to being offended by the book's mere existence, the bearded man scoffs at the thought that a man wrote it.  "Does a man even belong in this conversation?  No, he doesn't."  The two speakers then express horror that Walsh published it in the Women's Studies category, both "mansplaining" and "exploiting our systems."  The highlight of this second video comes at about 4:07, when the bearded man wipes away his tears because "this is really tough content" and "super triggering" for those who are "transgender" or "non-binary."

It's time to start being honest: as myriad videos and articles reveal, people who claim to be "non-binary" or "transgender," or any of the other 200+ "gender" categories, none of which has any biological reality, are mentally ill.  A few were born that way; most of them, I suspect, have been pushed in this direction by their schools, the internet (especially social media), their parents or friends, or other external factors.

The overt manifestation of the mental illness is their rejection of their biological sex.  However, that rejection brings with it a host of other abnormal behaviors: paranoia, narcissism, histrionic personality disorders, body dysphoria leading to body mutilation, and more.

In a healthy society, the factors that push people into this madness wouldn't exist.  In a somewhat healthy society, when sane people became aware of this behavior, they would intervene, just as they do with anorexia nervosa, a delusion that sees normal-weight people starve themselves to death.  And in a sick society, which is what ours has become, those people are indoctrinated, cultivated, coddled, and lionized.  And that's how you end up with these Amazon sessions.

No society can exist when it embraces mental illness, delusions, and complete emotional incontinence.  These cross-dressing emperors have no clothes, and the parents challenging public school indoctrination are on the right track.

Image: Video screen grab.

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