Al Sharpton gets it right: Minorities dislike Democrat policies

Since Biden entered the White House, Democrats have enjoyed the rare experience of total power: they have majorities in Congress and the White House; have two weak conservatives on the Supreme Court (Roberts and Kavanaugh); dominate the media whether in news or entertainment; control the entire tech industry from social media to search engines; and run all the federal agencies, especially the law enforcement agencies.  This is proving to be a problem for them.  With unchecked power, they are revealing their true agenda and, to no sane person's surprise, the minorities upon whose votes they depend are not happy.  It's so obvious that even Al Sharpton gets it.

There are few people in politics and media more despicable than Al Sharpton, a leftist, race-hustling demagogue who has Jewish blood on his hands.  Nevertheless, as a professional race-hustler, Sharpton pays attention to minority concerns — and what he's currently seeing is that racial minorities do not like the policies that make their neighborhoods unsafe; leave their children uneducated; and, sometimes, even kill their children (hat tip: RedState):

Sharpton is not an outlier.  Wilfred Reilly, a professor of political science at Kentucky State University, appears in a PragerU video in which he explains that White leftists are the ones advocating for policies such as woke language, police defunding, and the attacks on charter schools.  Poll after poll shows that minorities strongly dislike these policies, all of which strike them as stupid and destructive.

Indeed, when you drill deep into the numbers, what you learn is that a specific demographic is driving the leftist train.  It's not just Whites; it's college-indoctrinated women, most of whom, presumably, are White.  Thus, an NBC poll that MSNBC was honest enough to report shows that, since 2018, the only demographic that is becoming harder left rather than more conservative is White, college-indoctrinated women:

These are women who were marinated for four or more years in the post-adolescent preschools known as colleges, where they majored in liberal arts and were subject to the cognitively dissonant lesson that, as women, they are victims and, if White, they are victimizers.  College-educated minority women have been made equally crazy by the lesson that they are double-victims, as both women and minorities.  These crazed women are the ones who have been screaming non-stop since Trump was elected and who managed to escalate that screaming with the George Floyd riots.

My guess is that many of these same women live in upscale urban and suburban areas.  They have nothing in common with the minorities whose lives they are destroying.  For example, while these women panic about the fallacy that one in five women on college campuses is sexually assaulted, they're taking protection away from women in the inner city who are actually sexually assaulted.  And that's no myth.  In Seattle, the seriously defunded, understaffed police are no longer addressing either sexual assault or child abuse.

These are also the same women you see in the videos from Disney's LGBTQ+++ conclave:

A struggling minority family in an inner city doesn't care about these uniquely affluent American concerns.  The parents want their children to have enough food, to survive on the streets without getting shot, and to learn enough in school to be able to leave behind those same dangerous streets.  And what they're starting to remember is that they had all those things when Trump was president and that all of those things have been deliberately taken from them under Biden.

So yeah, Democrats are about to learn the true power of the expression "be careful what you wish for, because you might get it."  They wished for (and cheated for) total power, only to have it blow up in their faces because that same power revealed that their policies are damaging and even deadly for the people they claim to represent.  This one is so obvious that even Al Sharpton was able to figure it out.

Image: Al Sharpton.  YouTube screen grab.

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