A Missouri school district's math assignment is mind-boggling

Christina Pushaw, Governor Ron DeSantis's press secretary, is an extremely effective communicator.  For example, on Saturday, Pushaw managed to cut through the smog of lies that Democrats use to claim that they're not teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT) in America's schools.  She did this by publishing incredibly foul, race-based math homework that is on the curriculum in Missouri public schools.

Every since conservative Americans discovered, mostly thanks to the Zoom classrooms that Fauci's lockdowns forced on America's schools, that their children are being taught Critical Race Theory precepts (Blacks are victims; Whites are evil), Democrats have been denying that CRT exists in schools.  They must because, as Glenn Youngkin's election victory in Virginia showed, parents, both Black and White, don't like having their children taught such an awful message.

Ron DeSantis is fighting the toxic material leftists are inserting into children's education, whether it's the fiction of transgenderism or CRT.  On Saturday, a Democrat Florida state representative sounded a hysterical note about the changes DeSantis is making:

Pushaw challenged this hysteria with a series of tweets showing the kind of race-based math that some teachers are inserting into their classrooms.  Although the math problems in the first tweet appear to be something a KKK teacher would push on his acolytes, they are actually questions intended to force upon students the details of Maya Angelou's life, all in a CRT framework:

When Pushaw got pushback from people claiming that the assignment was fake, she followed up with the entire page of the schoolwork, along with a letter from Mark S. Penny (who has an Ed.D., just like Jill Biden's), the school superintendent, apologizing for the material's inclusion in the classroom:

In fact, this math assignment has shown up in multiple classrooms that have leftist teachers in charge.

Some of the people trying to oppose Pushaw's point focused on the fact that Pushaw was wrong about the Missouri classroom venue.  Thus, one commenter said it came from a teacher in Pennsylvania in 2017, not Missouri in 2022:

Does that make it better?  Another person contended that the assignment isn't teaching CRT — although inserting that kind of harshly racial material into a classroom could only be CRT:

I don't think this is a debate the left can win, except maybe on Twitter.  In the real world, parents don't want their children to be marinated in a toxic stew of race-hatred and sexual abnormalities.  And it's warriors like DeSantis and Pushaw who are leading the way in the battle.  (By the way, did you know that DeSantis's surname can be translated to mean "the saintly" or "the chosen saint"?)

Image: CRT Math assignment.  Twitter screen grab.

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