A former Google CEO revealed how excited he is for you to be ruled by robots

In a rare moment of honesty, a high-profile Democrat revealed the left's vision for governing in the future, and it is just as disturbing as you can imagine.

Eric Schmidt is your prototypical coastal elite whose God complex may rival Barack Obama's.  The former Google CEO and Hillary Clinton crony shared the horrifying details of America's future when discussing his new book about artificial intelligence.  Schmidt explains how a computer program called AlphaZero dominated the previous robotic chess champion, Stockfish.  What impresses Schmidt is that the AlphaZero program came up with unorthodox ways to win these chess matches, such as sacrificing its queen to achieve victory.

A computer program that can use unprecedented strategies to win a chess match proves that A.I. can "see realities humans can't see," according to Schmidt.  He explains that "human intuition is often wrong" and "humans aren't as mathematically precise as we wish that we are" [sic].  For these reasons, a better future consists of submitting ourselves and our society over to machines, because if A.I. can master chess, why couldn't it master society?

A few moments later, Schmidt makes his most telling statement:

Eventually, there will be knowledge systems that will govern society which will be perfectly rational.  And because they are so rational, they will not be understandable by the average human because they can't explain themselves.

Schmidt inadvertently reveals that the future leftist America is entirely devoid of freedom.  His utopia is a place where some entity has complete, unilateral control without any requirement to explain itself.  Only a power-obsessed global elite would have such a disturbing vision while lacking the self-awareness to recognize that his utopia is North Korea.

When one of the hosts questions Schmidt about the moral aspect of these tyrannical robots who could make grossly immoral decisions because they lack a conscience, Schmidt's solution is for society to put "teams together who will address these issues."  And who do you think will be on these "teams" that will ensure that our master robots will make moral decisions?  It probably won't be Bob, the mechanic from Ohio, but globalists like Bill Gates and John Kerry, whom we can trust to make sure the A.I. programs are moral and just. Schmidt's answer discloses his true motivations because in this scenario, the computer programs aren't the ones in control; the elites are.  

The future leftist Utopia is a world where the elite rule using A.I. as proxies, which can reinforce their lies and shield them from blame.  Just as Jen Psaki cites Snopes and PolitiFact to avoid explaining the incoherent or demonstrably false statements made by fellow Democrats, the elites will use artificial intelligence to reinforce their lies because robots are above questioning.  Instead of Dr. Fauci lecturing us about how unscientific we are to challenge his incongruent statements, we'll have equally infallible robots who don't need to answer questions because they "can't explain themselves."  Any dissenting view will result from irrational conspiracy theorists who reject the science and reason of the robots. 

Schmidt's statements reveal that the real leftist Utopia is a world where the elites have complete control with zero accountability. 

Democrats told us that inflation doesn't exist, that greedy oil companies and Vladimir Putin are responsible for high gas prices, and that men are women if they believe that they are.  They told us that COVID-19 vaccines prevent infection and transmission, that Hunter Biden's laptop was Russian disinformation, that the 2020 election was the most secure in history, and Donald Trump was a Russian stooge.  In Eric Schmidt's Utopia, all the lies and frauds perpetrated by Democrats will finally go unchallenged.  After all, robots cannot be biased or have a political agenda.  They're immune to Russian disinformation or conspiracy theories on social media.  The king robots will not be accountable for the consequences of how they govern, either.  If the people take umbrage with how the robots rule, it's because we plebs cannot understand how rationale the robots are with our inferior minds and emotions.

Global elites are trying to drag us down a road toward a "better society," but they seldom describe the end destination in detail.  Thanks to former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, we now know exactly what kind of society the left is trying to build. 

Bode Lang is a conservative blogger who produces conservative videos on YouTube but is hoping you'll move with him to Rumble.

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