You can't help but be confused when a guy wins awards for swimming against girls

In his role as Loretta's grandfather in Moonstruck, Feodor Chaliapin, in heavily accented English, plaintively states, "I'm confused."  It's a simple line that always evinces a chuckle.  Welcome to my world, Gramps.

How can we not be confused?  Last week, we had a Supreme Court nominee, who the president bragged was chosen as the first black female judge to be considered for the Court, state that she could not tell Senator Blackburn the definition of a woman.  She obviously doesn't know who she is or why she was nominated, either.  In her world, the internet's ability to enable pedophiles to become more efficient pedophiles is the justification for lighter sentences for, you guessed it, pedophiles.  I'm confused.

Then there's Richard ("Rachel") Levine.  USA Today thinks he is a "Woman of the Year."  Instead of being the man who fathered children earlier in life, are we now to believe that he's really their mother?  And also the first female admiral?  I'm confused.

Economics and monetary policy are, for many of us, pretty arcane.  I always thought deficit spending and flooding the market with cash by printing money led to inflation.  Now the Bidenistas tell us we should spend trillions more and print trillions more because that will lower inflation.  This is not helping with my confusion.

But Joe Biden is obviously not up to the task of helping our confusion.  Cogent thoughts are not his strong point.  Thinking perhaps Kamala could help, it all became clear when she said, "It is time for us to do what we have been doing.  And that time is every day."  That certainly clears things up.

There's also Will ("Lia") Thomas, the male swimmer who wiped up the field in women's swimming in meet after meet.  Does anyone really believe it's fair to the female swimmers of the world to pit them against an opponent with the musculature and bone structure of the man Thomas really is?  Not only do those who compete against Thomas face grossly unfair competition and have to live with the disappointment of defeat, but there are also women who do not get to compete at all because a male pushed them out of the qualification heats.  The swimmers are as confused as I.

I'm helpless to alter the nomination of a Supreme Court justice, and the intricacies of monetary policy are beyond my ken, but I do have a couple of suggestions for dealing with the transgender athlete dilemma.

The simplest, but most painful for the athletes, is for women to simply refuse to compete if there are males in the field.  Sit out the race.  Let the trans swimmers compete against each other and take home medals that are as bogus as their gender claims.  I doubt that it would take long for swimming programs to feel the pain and re-evaluate their policies.  It would require extreme courage and sacrifice on the part of the athletes, and it would ultimately liberate their sport from woke tyranny.

The second suggestion is to eliminate men's and women's sports entirely.  No, I'm not suggesting that athletes compete together regardless of gender.  I propose a new structure for swimming (and other sports): XX Swimming and XY Swimming.  The qualifications are simple; to swim in XX Swimming events, one must have two X chromosomes; to swim in XY Swimming, one must have one X and one Y chromosome.  Only those with an extra chromosome (people with the rare condition of triploidy) get to choose their league.  It's a simple, elegant solution.  No one can accuse you of being transphobic because it won't matter whether a competitor identifies as a man, woman, or any of the other 31 flavors of gender.  You have either two Xs or an X and a Y.  No fuss; no muss; and, best of all, no confusion.

Image: Eric Sonstroem via Flickr, CC BY 2.0 (cropped).

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