Yet another beyond-disgusting act captured on the New York subway

One of the givens when Democrats are in charge is that bodily waste becomes a huge factor in their style of governance and communication.  (That's something I'll prove later in this post.)  The two most recent examples occurred in the New York City subways.  Last week, as I'm sure you recall, a man smeared a woman with his fecal matter.  This week, a homeless man prone on a subway seat emptied his bladder all over the floor.  It's a disgusting story (obviously) but worth noticing because it is so consistent with ascendant Democrats.

The news story, including a video, is simple and truly gross:

A man was spotted Tuesday night urinating on an F train passing through Brooklyn — while several straphangers didn't even bat an eye.

The man was caught on camera relieving himself on a car in plain view of about 10 people while lying horizontally on a bench seat in between the Jay Street-MetroTech and York Street subway stations at about 6:15 p.m., according to a witness.

About three commuters across from the man darted out of the line of fire during the disgusting act, but multiple strangers in a row of adjacent benches didn't seem fazed and remained seated.

Just as upsetting as his relieving himself is the fact that New Yorkers are becoming inured to this.  A freelance photographer for the New York Post who witnessed the event reported it to an MTA booth worker who was also completely uninterested.  I also discovered that men peeing in subway cars started under Mayor de Blasio and is merely continuing under Mayor Adams.

Here's the thing: if there's one constant about Democrats, it's that they're so associated with toilet habits.  Years ago, I started calling them the Party of Poop and documenting either their obsession with it or the fact that, when they're in control, you can't avoid it, try as you may.

Image: Homeless man peeing on the subway.  Video screen grab.

2006: A vice chair in Colorado's Senate District 13 Democratic Central Committee was caught after she deposited her dog's feces into the mail slot at the headquarters of Republican U.S. rep. Marilyn Musgrave.

2008: San Francisco voters were asked to show their disdain for George W. Bush by naming a sewage treatment plant after him.  (The initiative failed.)

2008: An Atlantic Magazine photograph photoshopped pictures of John McCain to show an ape defecating on his head.

2011: An Occupy Wall Street protester defecated on a police car.

2012: An Occupy Wall Street protester dumped feces in Chase Bank.

2013: "Journalist" Martin Bashir said someone should "s--- in Sarah Palin's mouth" and rub urine in her eyes.

2016: Under generations of Democrat governance, San Francisco became so overwhelmed by human feces that people used "poop maps" to avoid it.

2018: A Rotterdam exhibition (obviously leftist) had people walk through giant poop sculptures.

2019: The New York Times has an article that required two authors to report that "Women Poop. Sometimes at Work. Get Over It."

All of these fecal and urinary stories are evidence that a large part of being a leftist is being emotionally and mentally immature.  Let me explain:

While I believe the leaders of the climate change movement are cynical people using fear to force socialism, the followers remind me of babies.  Babies love peek-a-boo because their immature brains mean that if they can't see it, it doesn't exist.  When you hide your face, as far as they're concerned, it's vanished, only to return by magic.

In the same way, leftists embrace climate change because they are incapable of understanding that the climate has always changed, long before they came along.  Likewise, habitats have changed, animals have gone extinct, and weather has been variable.  Since they have no sense of a world before themselves, they cannot probably understand any of these phenomena.

Leftists are the same with guns.  Because all they can see are the murders the media report, they are incapable of understanding that guns save many more lives than they take.

Leftists are also extraordinarily narcissistic, which is a trait that's most prominent in 13-year-olds.  (If you think about it, you realize that there is no difference between the average leftist and a sulky, utterly self-involved, hyper-sensitive, often dishonest teenager.)

And finally, when it comes to excretory functions, leftists are stuck at the anal stage of mental development, which occurs between one and three years of age.  This is when children become absolutely fascinated by and obsessed with their excretory abilities.  Freud held that, if children don't learn to control these functions, they can become messy and destructive.  Many leftists seemingly have never left this phase and constantly seek to recreate it through governance that allows the mentally impaired (whether organically or through addiction) to control the streets.

It's time for someone to potty-train these leftists so the rest of us can once again inhabit a civilized world.

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