Women have more power than they know against 'Lia' Thomas

William Thomas of Texas is confused.  Born as William Thomas, he now claims he is a woman and has changed his name to Lia Thomas.  Under normal circumstances, William's confusion would not make the news, but in this wildly woke world in which we wallow, William, a collegiate swimmer, wants to compete as a woman.  Many on the left who are also confused about myriad matters agree.  They, too, think William should be able to compete as a woman.

This is so embarrassing.  This new emperor is strolling around in his swimsuit that bulges where it should not bulge, and few have the guts to tell him he is making a fool of himself and our society.

William has taken his male swimmer's physique to an all-female contest.  (I see some hands raised in the back, but please hold your questions until I finish.)  Why does William want to compete as a woman?  Possibly because William did not compete well against other men.

William's crusade coincides with a great culture war raging in the United States.  When the culture war began, there were only females and males.  Due to the efforts of the LGBTQIA movement, however, large segments of America postulate that there are many more genders than the traditional two.

The LGBTQIA movement has become a powerful community in the Democrat party.  Many of our teachers and administrators in American public education support the LGBTQIA movement's agenda to reimagine America.  Hollywood and the corporate media support that same agenda.  Meanwhile, fearing being labeled as mean-spirited or transphobic, many conservatives hold their tongues as this nonsense metastasizes.

Image: Internet meme. Creator unknown.

William has had incredible success competing as a woman.  Female athletes fearful of "others like William" want to protest, but they also fret about being labeled as mean-spirited and transphobic and, quite possibly, having both their athletic and academic careers destroyed on those grounds.

As a non-female observer, I suggest that women have more strength than they know — and I'm not talking about physical strength.  While the LGBTQIA movement is loud, boisterous, and not to be underestimated, women are slightly more than 51% of our population.  If all the women of America stood up and blocked William from entering the women's dressing rooms, he would back down and, we hope, come to his senses.

In the spirit of compromise, I do not want William to go away humiliated.  We all make mistakes.  The problem comes when we double down on a mistake and insist that our error is the truth.  Jussie Smollett is the poster child for that.

From now on, let men compete with men, let women compete with women, and let the sexually confused compete with the sexually confused.

(I can answer your questions now.)

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