Will the anti-liberty left ever admit their mistakes?

The Ukraine crisis is providing another great benefit to Biden: now it's okay to talk about inflation.

Do you remember the scene in one of the early Seinfeld episodes when Jerry tries to get a dry cleaner to admit that they made a mistake in shrinking a shirt to "hand puppet" size?  That's the feeling you get when you witness the press flacks of the Biden regime smarmily try to palm off responsibility for what they've done to the nation.  These are folks who dial the fury up to eleven while they haughtily make excuse after excuse for why it isn't their fault.

You almost get the feeling that they were begging Putin to invade Ukraine, so they would have a ready-made excuse for everything now.  For serious crisis, they now have Ukraine's new hotness replacing the COVID old and busted.  The floodgates are open, and it's okay to talk about skyrocketing fuel prices and runaway inflation.  You just don't seem to get the sympathy vibe from celebrities who are perfectly willing to have you pay $5.30/gal while they drive a Tesla.  But you have to love how they are willing to have you sacrifice for their green gods of global cooling...global warming...climate change.

You aren't supposed to notice that prices headed for the stratosphere long before Putin's T-72s crossed their departure line.  But Brandon and company have never let the facts get in the way of a good lie, especially when he can rely on the nation's socialist media to parrot the message.  The funny thing is that New York's favorite birdcage liner is shocked that people are noticing the insanity of the inflation unleashed by the liberty denying the left's socialist national agenda of modern monetary theory, AKA printing money like there is no tomorrow.

Nearly nine in 10 Americans say they have noticed prices rising around them, according to a survey conducted mid-February for The Upshot by Morning Consult. And, when asked which of the price increases have caught their attention, many mentioned necessities like gas, milk, ground beef, and bread — a notably different universe of products than the narrower set of items, like used cars and raw lumber, that were soaring in price last spring.

They also include several quotes from the great unwashed, and they are genuinely stunned that the people would blame the dear leader.  Make sure to note that this could endanger team Brandon's chances in their yeoman's efforts in elevating red China, the nation they think should be the true leader in the world.

As opting out has become less and less possible, Americans now rate inflation among their top concerns for the first time in nearly four decades. In Washington, the topic looms over President Biden's legislative agenda and Democrats' prospects in midterm elections. The monthly release of government inflation figures — which on Thursday showed inflation reaching a 40-year high, driven by the steep prices of gas and food — has become an anxious political event. And the sanctions on Russia that are rattling the global economy now threaten to push energy and food prices higher still.

You interpreted that last sentence correctly if you picked up that they are admitting that this all started before the Ukraine crisis.  You must wonder if they really meant to say that.

So we'll "circle back" to our original point.  With all the mucking up of the economy they've done, why haven't they ever admitted their mistakes?  These have been legion, and they didn't start with Ukraine.  Those of you who can remember should recall the great delight with which the nation's socialist media hounded Republican presidents with questions on their mistakes.  Brandon's had so many screw-ups, they could ask that every other day on a new subject. 

Just once, it would be nice if they were to at least acknowledge that they aren't perfect specimens of collectivist intellect.  The sad fact is, they probably think they are the smartest people in the known universe and that they haven't made any mistakes.  Mores the pity.  That clarifies their arrogance and condescension in having to lower themselves to explain their inestimable brilliance to those of us of the great unwashed.  But then again, that will only hurt them in the midterm elections, unless they have some dirty-handed tricks up their slimy socialist sleeves.  

D. Parker is an engineer, inventor, wordsmith, and student of history.  A writer in the communications field and a longtime contributor to the NOQ report.

Image via Max Pixel.

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