Will Smith could be prosecuted even if Chris Rock doesn't file a complaint

Chris Rock almost made the Oscars worth watching.  Almost.  Rock declined to press charges, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the matter has been resolved.

According to California law, prosecutors are responsible for holding guilty people accountable for their actions and an obligation to pursue justice despite influence from the alleged victim or the community.  The prosecutor can consider factors including whether the victim is cooperative or not, but that should not be the determining factor on filing criminal charges.  The decision should ultimately rest on whether there is evidence that a crime has been committed and whether the case can be proved in court.  The only factor that should matter is the first, but pragmatism requires the second.  If there is little or no hope of ever attaining a conviction, there is no point in wasting time and money taking an unwinnable case to trial.

Naturally, House representatives Ayanna Pressley and Jamaal Bowman announced their support for Will Smith on Twitter before apparently realizing they had just endorsed violence and deleted their tweets.  Bowman's staff took responsibility for his tweet and explained they thought the altercation at the Oscars had been staged, but Pressley didn't say anything.  She just pretended the whole thing never happened.

Is the Will Smith prosecution unwinnable?  It certainly shouldn't be.  There were thousands of live witnesses in the audience and millions more on television.  It should be simple for police to have a warrant issued for the show script.  Unless there is a scene where Will Smith is supposed to charge Chris Rock on stage and slap his face, Smith should be charged with battery.  Of course, that will never happen, because this is Hollywood and Black Lives Matter.

L.A. district attorney George Gascon is nothing but a George Soros puppet.  He's incredibly soft on violent black criminals, so there's no danger he would ever dream of prosecuting a violent black celebrity criminal.  Chris Rock could be screaming for prosecution of Will Smith at the top of his lungs, and it wouldn't make any difference.  Will Smith is part of the protected class of elitists with incredible power to shape opinions and influence behavior.  Will Smith can basically confess to being a cuckold to a tabloid newspaper and bizarrely become apoplectic with rage over an innocuous joke about his wife's lack of hair and have a very public meltdown, yet no one will lift a finger against him.

Of course, if Smith identified as a Republican or (worse) a conservative Christian, the outcome of this case would be dramatically different.

He'd be looking at life in prison without the possibility of parole.

John Leonard is a freelance writer and author of six books, including Divine Evolution and Counterargument for God.  His next book, titled The God Conclusion, is scheduled for release in late summer.  He may be contacted via his website at southernprose.com.

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