Whom can I trust?

At a Tony Robbins seminar I attended many years ago, a lady in the audience told Tony she had trust issues, she couldn’t trust anyone. This, of course, kept her from ever feeling content or happy. Mr. Robbins responded that the woman was fully capable of trusting, she simply needed to work on growing that capacity.

“Every time you drive,” Tony told her, “You trust that complete strangers driving in the opposite direction won’t cross the center line and kill you.” Mr. Robbins further elaborated on this theme, and by the time he finished, the woman in question wore a smile and allowed that, in time, she was fully capable of becoming a trusting and happy person. My thought at the time was, thank God, there’s lots of people and institutions I trust and believe in.

Fast forward to today, and I now ask myself, almost hourly, whom can I trust?

Certainly not the media. Regarding the vast majority of talking heads I see on TV or in videos, if their lips are moving, they’re lying---or misdirecting, mischaracterizing, or simply omitting things that actually happened. After watching a CNN hack proclaiming a BLM riot was mostly peaceful as a building burned brightly in the background, I now assume everything the mainstream media tells me is a lie until proven otherwise. See scam, Russia Collusion.

I was raised Catholic, and while I still believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ, I’ve no use for the Catholic Church. Worldwide, the Church has spent almost four billion dollars compensating or muzzling victims of pedophile priests. Meanwhile, our socialist Pope spends his time decrying capitalism, guns and walls, all while enjoying the finest food, drink, and armed security behind the high walls of the Vatican. Surely Jesus weeps.

For most of my life, I trusted and respected police. Not anymore. Watch video of cops standing around idly as BLM-ers blocked traffic, burned buildings, looted stores and assaulted innocents. Then compare that to the Capitol police brutally beating peaceful protestors on Jan. 6, 2021, even going so far as shooting and killing an unarmed woman, and to date, getting away with it. “Equal application of the law” is now nothing but a sick joke.

And when it comes to law enforcement, I always considered the FBI to be the best of the best. But now, after discovering that the FBI ran a coup against the best president in my lifetime, not to mention their involvement in staging the “abduction” of Democrat Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and the Jan. 6 “insurrection,” I consider them an enemy of the people. Hopefully, I won’t be the subject of a heavily-armed, pre-dawn raid for saying that.

At present, our court system is no better than our law enforcement. Folks carrying no weapons who wandered in and around the Capitol building on Jan. 6, are being demonized, denied bail, denied their right to a speedy trial, and receiving draconian multi-year sentences merely for trespassing. Meanwhile, Jussie Smollett tried hard to start a major race riot in Chicago, and received only 150 days in the pokey for his trouble. Seems Lady Justice is not only blind, she’s also deaf and dumb.

Of course, we all trust the medical profession, right? Well, I don’t, not after the COVID-19 public health fiasco. Why were untested, highly ineffective and potentially dangerous vaccines jammed down the throats of trusting Americans? Why, after two years, have no reasonable therapeutics been developed and promoted to treat COVID-19 patients? How much did Dr. Fauci’s considerable bank accounts grow as he ran this tyrannical scam? I’ve got lots of questions about why more Americans died from COVID-19 after the vaccines were available than before they existed, but I doubt I’ll get any answers.

And how about U.S. educators who used the COVID-19 crisis to close schools unnecessarily while pretending that kids could learn “remotely” and masks don’t damage their pupils’ psyches? Teachers as a whole have also embraced teaching Critical Race nonsense and bizarre gender constructs to their young, impressionable charges. Meanwhile, Johnny can’t read and Suzy can’t add or subtract. There simply aren’t enough Tony Robbins’ seminars for me to ever trust teachers again.

As we potentially face WW III, do I have any faith in our diplomats, idiots like Tony Blinken and Kamala Harris, who were so pathetic on the world stage that they probably hastened Russia’s invasion of Ukraine? No.

How ‘bout our military, led by the equally paunchy and woke Gen. Mark Milley? That would be the same Gen. Milley who purposely undermined his commander-in-chief, President Trump, and then promised China he would warn them in advance of any Trump military actions against the fine folks who gave us the Wuhan Flu. I have zero confidence in the military leaders who responded to a terrorist attack in Kabul that killed thirteen U.S. service members by droning an innocent Afghan aid worker and his family, including seven children. Zero.

My screed would not be complete without mentioning our current commander-in-chief, the helpless, hapless, witless Joe Biden. Forget the long list of failures he’s produced in only his first year in office, and ask yourself this.

Would you trust Joe Biden to babysit your child?

Would you let him walk your dog?

Would you allow him to fix your toilet or paint a closet?

Of course not!

He’s frail, senile and incompetent, not to mention dumb as a rock and corrupt as a Clinton. Folks, if Joe Biden’s all that stands between us and nuclear winter, we’d better start building our fallout shelters, assuming anyone has any building materials in stock.

Despite the efforts of the estimable Tony Robbins, I can now count the number of people I trust implicitly on my fingers, and maybe have a pinky left over. The trust I formerly had in the Catholic Church, the media, police, FBI, the courts, doctors, teachers, diplomats, generals, and the White House, turned out to be merely a mirage, a pleasant, comforting dream to help me cope with reality. But now that I’ve awakened from that dream, I realize that the world is, and always has been, a very scary, precarious place.

And based on the way people have been driving since the COVID-19 shutdown, I no longer trust the complete strangers driving in the opposite lane to stay there. Call it paranoia, but I could swear some of them are trying to kill me!

Image: Pixabay / Pixabay License

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