Who is Joe Biden?

Could a man of his own accord discover that he did not exist?  Such a metaphysical imponderable is easily dismissed by logicians as nonsense: a string of words appearing to be profound, but simply an incoherent jumble.

Joe Biden, an incoherent jumble, is practically no longer a creature of human biology; indeed, he is a metaphysical imponderable.  He has entered the phantasmagoria of quantum physics.

Is Joe Biden a particle, a wave, or an elusive subatomic phenomenon like a neutrino with no mass, no charge, barely detectable, leaving only obscure radiation tracks?

For an invisible subatomic something, Joe Biden sure leaves unambiguous tracks.  It is a certainty that wherever Joe Biden spins, a destructive wave set follows.  No need for a Heisenberg-style probability.  It is certain.

Well, the image of the real Joe Biden has emerged on the film: Joe Biden is like a composite sketch from a committee of police artists.  Anyone paying attention to Joe Biden's political life over nearly five decades knows he is an intellectual flyweight, an unrepentant plagiarist, a self-serving corrupt hack who could not get elected anywhere but Delaware, an ignoramus unable to command any aspect of policy — foreign or domestic — an inveterate liar, a morally despicable fraudster.

Who is Joe Biden?

In the wake of his 2022 State of the Union address, Joe Biden is beyond the butt of jokes; beyond the anger coming from Americans crippled by his catastrophic energy, immigration, and economic policies; beyond the bipartisan outrage at his foreign policy disasters; beyond his declared war on parents.

Most of all, Joe Biden is beyond sympathy for a senile, frail old man, too often lost in a cloud of neuron decay, with his bone density and brain mass shriveling daily.

Joe Biden is president.  Imagine that.  And nothing we can do about it.

That's the State of the Union.

Image: Screen shot from a camera aimed at a television set during a live broadcast, enhanced with Photoshop.

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