While all eyes are on Ukraine, Biden's administration is selling out to Iran

A magician's best trick is misdirection.  While he has the audience focused tightly on his left hand, his right hand is busy making "the magic" happen.  Then he redirects the audience's attention and — voilà! — magic. The problem is that this same trick of misdirection can be used not for entertainment, but to hide perfidious political behavior.  Unfortunately, if Gabriel Noronha, a former Iran official in the U.S. State Department, is to be believed, that's exactly what's happening in Austria, where U.S. negotiations with Iran are taking place.

Obama desperately wanted a deal with Iran, so much so that he negotiated one that ensured that Iran was on a glide path to becoming a nuclear-armed nation.  Shamefully, Congress allowed him to enter into what was effectively a treaty without demanding that he submit it to Congress for approval per the United States Constitution, Article 2, Section 2.

The moment Trump entered office, he shut down Obama's bad deal.  However, because Biden's "presidency" is nothing more than Obama's third term, a deal with Iran is currently back on the table.  And that's where things are looking grim for anyone within the ambit of Iran's terrorism, which means the whole world, with a special emphasis on Israel and America, both of which are the recipients of Iran's most frequent genocidal threats.

Melanie Phillips became aware of a long Twitter thread by Gabriel Noronha, the aforementioned former State Department official on the Iran desk.  His thread begins with these ominous words: "My former career @StateDept, NSC, and EU colleagues are so concerned with the concessions being made by @robmalley in Vienna that they've allowed me to publish some details of the coming deal in the hopes that Congress will act to stop the capitulation."

Image: Robert Malley.  Public domain.

Who is Robert Malley?  He is our special envoy to Iran, a position he assumed on January 28, 2021.  He's a Jewish leftist who served under both Clinton and Obama, and who devoutly wants America and Israel to get along with Hamas, a pure genocidally antisemitic terrorist organization, and the Muslim Brotherhood, a group so foul that the Egyptian people ejected it.  He grew up in France, from which his father was expelled in 1980 for being so openly hostile to Western colonialism and Israel.  Like father, like son.

Given his bona fides, Noronha's thread, which describes America pouring money into the Iranian mullahs' pockets, as well as removing all sanctions on and terrorist designations from some of the most evil terrorists in the world (individuals as well as the IRGC), with nothing in return, is entirely believable — including the fact that the deal is being structured so that Congress can't stop it.

And just to make the Biden administration's prestidigitation act complete, it turns out that Moscow is an essential player in this little dance to relieve Iran of all burdens associated with its terrorism and nuclear ambitions:

Even as Moscow invades Ukraine, the Biden administration is relying on Russia to solidify a revamped nuclear agreement with Iran, a deal that senior Republican foreign policy leaders say will be approved in the coming days without any input from Congress.

As Russian forces press further into Ukraine, threatening to spark a world war, the Biden administration is rushing to finalize a Russia-brokered nuclear deal with Iran, Rep. Michael McCaul (R., Texas), the lead Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, told the Washington Free Beacon.

"Russia's further invasion of Ukraine is reprehensible, but we can't lose sight of the next national security crisis as it forms before our eyes: The Biden administration is reportedly rushing to finalize a deal with Iran, brokered by Russia, that it does not want Congress to review, in violation of U.S. law," McCaul said.

Throughout the conflict, the Biden administration has kept diplomatic channels with Moscow open in the hopes it can push Iran into accepting a deal that will provide the world's leading sponsor of terrorism with billions of dollars in cash windfalls.

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Biden may be stupid but his administration, staffed with Clinton and Obama stalwarts, is fiercely accomplished at duplicity, anti-Americanism, and anti-Semitism.

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