We are paying for our own destruction

The lawmakers in Congress are characterized by inconsistency, but there is one area in which they are profoundly reliable: supporting interests that stand in direct opposition to our well-being.

"Penman of the Revolution," John Dickinson said, "the money said to be taken from us for our defense, may be employed to our injury."  Dickinson precisely described America's current financial environment: through massive spending, inflation, and taxation, the political elites in Washington are using our own American dollars against us.

Although the U.S. National Debt Clock displays an overwhelming deficit ($92K per citizen and $243K per taxpayer), federal "civil servants" apparently considered it appropriate to spend another $1.5 trillion of our confiscated money.  So where did the cash go?  Back into the hands and pockets of those who earned it?  Not even close...

First off, as states along the southern border deal with an invasion of their own, Biden and his cronies decided Ukraine's sovereignty takes precedence and sent an additional $13.6 billion.  Next we see that $40 million funded higher education — just not in America:

Senator Michael Rulli

Americans can barely afford a tank of gas but our government just passed a trillion-dollar spending bill that spends $40 million on higher education… In Egypt.

The reckless spending not only wastes our seized capital, but is largely to blame for the current record inflation.  Printing paper money out of thin air reduces the purchasing power of each dollar.  According to the Consumer Price Indices of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a salary of $50,000 in 1970 would equal a salary of $267,194 in 2007.  Just think how much less the dollar is worth than 15 years ago!

It gets worse.  Just yesterday, Biden laid out a proposed budget for 2023.  His expected cost to fund the government?  Five point six trillion dollars (which also included tax hikes).  Bureaucrats neither produce wealth nor participate in work, so their financial illiteracy and ineptitude are not surprising.

Members of Washington's aristocracy have long abandoned their oaths to uphold the Constitution and serve as a faithful representation of their constituency.

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