Was Joe Biden ever competent?

Joe Biden was never smart.

When I interned in Congress for two summers many years ago, other congressional members openly referred to him as one of the dumbest men on Capitol Hill.  Staffers and interns, including ones who worked for Democrats, made fun of him. 

Old age and dementia have done this dull man no favors.  That was apparent over the weekend when Biden, stupidly even for him, went off script and called for regime change in Russia.  It also was apparent a few months ago, when Biden may have precipitated the war by, according to President Zelensky's account of their phone call, encouraging Ukraine to apply for membership in NATO.  Biden then later suggested that the response from Western allies to any offensive moves by Russian troops massing at Ukraine's border might be more muted if Russia were to carry out a "minor incursion" into Ukrainian territory. 

Elsewhere, Biden has shown the same kind of incompetence on forging another nuclear deal with Iran.

It is really quite pathetic to see the same pro-Israel individuals and organizations who supported Biden over Trump raising the alarm on the administration's weak Iran nuclear negotiations.  This was all so predictable for those of us who could see past Trump's "mean tweets" and were instead focused on supporting his administration's policies, which brought unprecedented peace and prosperity. 

Instead of mean tweets, we have an incompetent administration that has brought the very opposite of peace, along with high inflation through its reckless spending policies.  With all of the giveaways to Iran, the administration might as well include the development of Iran's nuclear capability in its "infrastructure" project and funding.

I wonder whether, when in a few years Iran is aiming its nuclear weapons directly at Israel and the Gulf States (and perhaps Berlin and Paris, too), those moderates and independents who tipped the election to Biden will continue to congratulate themselves on being "on the right side of history" by voting against Trump.

Once the Republicans take back Congress in the midterms, I would be in favor of impeaching Biden on the grounds that he is dumb and incompetent except for the inconvenient fact that his vice president is even more so.  That's one of the reasons he picked her.  Sadly.

Josh Kantrow is a cyber-security lawyer who lives in Chicago.

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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