Twitter suspends The Babylon Bee for supporting actual science

"The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command."

—George Orwell, 1984

On March 13, 2022, USA Today, which purports to be the media outlet representing the broadest spectrum of Americans, identified "Rachel Levine" as one of its "Women of the Year."  Aside from being a bad person who, in 2020, locked old people in the charnel houses known as nursing homes while protecting his own mother by pulling her out of one, every fiber of Levine's mortal being is imbued with XY chromosomes.  The Babylon Bee, which is the most brilliant media outlet in America, promptly countered with a post entitled "The Babylon Bee's Man Of The Year is Rachel Levine."  For this truth, Twitter locked down the Bee's account.

This story is not inconsequential.  Instead, it sums up everything that is wrong with today's "news" media and social media: they are leftists, they are science-deniers, they are Democrat party hacks, and they are Orwellian tyrants.  Despite the dark cloud of dishonesty and fear these two types of media outlets are spreading, there are a few truths to be had here.

Richard Levine, whether he amputated his penis or not, is a man.  He has no idea what it is to be a woman, just as a chipmunk has no idea what it is to be a sea lion.  He is, however, fascinated with the idea of women — so much so that he wants to appropriate their identities.  For leftists, appropriation is bad only if you copy a racial identity (or even a racial hairstyle).  It's good if you crudely (in Richard's case, very crudely) mimic the opposite sex.

For Richard, this was a great gig, because it catapulted him into the orbit of the Biden White House and got him appointed as a four-star admiral in the United States Public Health Service.  Leftists became inordinately excited about Richard's promotion, claiming he was the first "woman" to hold that position.  Despite a complete absence of accomplishments (plus that little problem with being responsible for the deaths of dozens of elderly people in Pennsylvania, while saving his own mother), Richard was instantly a hero.

Image: This pathetic human husk is not a woman.  YouTube screen grab.

Science (and do remember that the Democrats are the "party of science") was irrelevant to leftists' excitement.  What was important was deconstructing Western culture, which is premised upon biological realities (different DNA, different reproductive capacities, different strength, etc.) or religious standards ("Male and female created he them; and blessed them ...").

It is, therefore, no surprise that USA Today, the favored newspaper of mid-range hotel lobbies, excitedly announced that Richard Levine was one of its "Women of the Year."  The man who killed people in Pennsylvania and did nothing to save them across America in 2021 is applauded for COVID leadership.  You can just imagine some recent LGBTQIA+++ Smith grad during the "Women of the Year" brainstorming session in the newsroom, putting forth Richard's name to gasps of admiration from the assembled employees.

What's also unsurprising is that The Babylon Bee (or, as Glenn Reynolds calls it, "the paper of record"), instantly nominated Richard as its "Man of the Year."

And sadly, what's really not surprising is that Twitter, the same social media outlet that censored any mention of Hunter Biden's laptop — the same laptop the New York Times admitted is real — censored The Bee, too.  It promises to release the Bee from Twitter prison if the Bee will recant, but The Bee refuses to do so, knowing that it has scientific and moral truth on its side:

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