'They got what they ordered': Kamala Harris tells voters she's back after blundering her way across Europe

After cackling her way through Europe and embarassing America on its most critical international challenge since World War II, Kamala Harris is back home to give a pep talk to her fellow Democrats:

Vice President Kamala Harris told Democrats at the party's winter meeting on Saturday that the winning midterm message is to "remind" voters that they got what they voted for.

"I know, and I believe we know, when we show what we have accomplished just in a year, and when we show it as because the American people voted, I believe we will meet the moment again," Harris said on Saturday at the Washington Hilton. "But that is our task. Our task is to show people that, in many ways, they got what they ordered. Right?"

"They said this is what they wanted," the Vice President continued. "They stood in line. They took time from work. It was difficult. And a lot of what they demanded, they got."

"So let’s get out there, as we do, and remind them of that. Because we know that they will show up again," Harris said.

Got what they ordered? Only if making America a global laughingstock by foisting her onto wartime Europe was somehow the voters' idea.

Harris burst into cackling when asked by a reporter about accepting Ukrainian refugees. She suggested that Ukraine was part of NATO. She stared blankly when asked about high prices at the pump, a garrulous person with no answer to the most pressing issue Americans face right now. 

Here's how SkyNews characterized her gaffe-tastic jaunt across Europe:



Tim Blair, of the memorable "head-tilt" fame, also an Australian, described her as "the Californian Cackler." You can't beat Blair for coming up with an observant nickname.



In Ukraine, the locals weren't impressed, either -- there was this news item from a few days ago -- here's a Hannity screen grab:

It all has a basis, and these examples were far from the only ones that demonstrated that Harris not ready for prime time. Washington Post #neverTrump columnist Kathleen Parker once made a big deal about Sarah Palin being "not ready" for the national political stage. Parker's still obsessed with Palin, actually, having written a hostile column about her about a month ago. But speaking of "not ready." Now here's someone who's really not ready for either the national let alone international stage by any sane measure. Parker, of course, is curiously silent. She's an emblem of why Harris gets away with it, which is press complicity. It doesn't work so well on the international stage.

Kamala meanwhile, has created an ad for the Republicans in her self-deluded claims that voters got what they ordered with her. Let's see about that.

Image: YouTube screen shot






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